How we started {C.H}

Skylar is your average musical gal. One Day at the music store, Skylar bumps into 5sos. But something catches Skylars eye... Calum.


6. Paps and rumors.

"Okay, just go in, don't draw any attention, and buy whatever you need and get out." Luke whispers the plan to us. We nod and run into the stores. I run into Aeropostale with Calum. As soon as I enter the store, I see Aaron. My ex. I gulp and try not to get noticed. It's like the spy game. The aim of the game is not to get noticed by a certain person. "Skylar?!" He noticed me. FAIL. I panic. I grab Calum's arm like a koala and try to act like a totally different person. Calum notices what's going on and so he tries to soothe me and tell me to calm down. "Who's this?! Are you cheating on me?!" Aaron shreiks. Some paps I mean by some I mean like the entire mall throw questions and rumors and all that stuff at my face. Then there was this big announcement that I'm cheating on Aaron with Calum. I run back home while the paps chase me and the 5sos car as Michael and Luke try to lure my back in as if I were at cat. I open the door and burst in tears. The boys gather around me to soothe me. I can't handle this. How do celebs handle these rumours?! I hate this. Stupid Aaron trying to get back at me because I broke up with him. I hate Aaron. I hate the paps. I hate everything. I'm never leaving this house unless I need to. Like if I were dying yes, I would, but other that those emergency or specific traveling reasons, I'm never leaving this house. Ever.

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