How we started {C.H}

Skylar is your average musical gal. One Day at the music store, Skylar bumps into 5sos. But something catches Skylars eye... Calum.


7. I regret remembering it.


"No! I hate Aaron! He ruined everything! He cheated on me and that's why I broke up with him! He lied to me and he used me! Everyone was looking at me, staring at me, like I cheated on Aaron but I really didn't! I'm ruined. I'm broke inside. I'm never leaving this house. I- I just need some time to gather up my thoughts. This is why I should've worn a hat." I sigh and take a shaky breath. "It's okay. We'all fix this problem. Forget about Aaron. Don't worry about him. Remember, you have us to protect you. We're your guards." I slightly smile as we group hug. "So! Anybody up for pizza?!" Michael jumps up. "Yeah!" We all say in unison including me. Pizza and 5sos are the only thing that makes me happy. While Luke orders the pizzas, me and the rest of the boys play some video games until the pizza comes. Luke comes back and sits down next to Calum and me. At one point, they practically scream at the tv. Well that what I did before my parents kicked me out...


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