How we started {C.H}

Skylar is your average musical gal. One Day at the music store, Skylar bumps into 5sos. But something catches Skylars eye... Calum.


4. Day 1 with 5sos

"BEDTIME!!!" I yell sounding much like a mother telling her kids to go to sleep. "Why?" They all say in unison. "Because I'm tired and plus, we're going somewhere special tomorrow." I answer. "Fine." They give up and go upstairs to where the bedrooms are. "This one is Michael's." I point to a door with the name MICHAEL on a piece of paper that's been taped on the door. I did the same with the rest and then i finally realized that the only room that's left is mine and so Calum's going to sleep with me... OH MY GOD! "Ok Calum. You'll be sleeping in my room." I manage to say. Calum nods and brings his suitcase into my room. "Wow. This is a really cool room!" Calum complements. "Thanks. I decorated it all be myself." I say. I open my closet and pull out 2 air horns and shaving cream that I baught for pranks. I smirk and so does Calum. This so going to be fun.😏


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