Diana is a funny, sarcastic kind of person. Diana is Harry Styles' best friend. Little did Diana know that she'll end up with Louis Tomlinson and that Harry becomes....jealous?


4. Why couldn't I?

"So Diana, I wanted to ask you something."Harry pauses. I look over to him. "I really like you. I do. I've wanted to tell you for a long time, so Diana, will you go out with me?" He hopefully asks. I sit there frozen, I don't think I'm even breathing. "Uh, Diana? Are you ok. Helloooooo?" Harry waves a hand or 2 or maybe 5 leaves in my face. I come back to reality. "Huh, what?" My vision adjusts. Harry doesn't say anything because he knows that I know what he asked. "Oh yeah about that I-" I start to say but right at that moment, my phone starts ringing. "Hold on." I tell Harry as I look down at my phone. The caller's ID says Mama Flower🌷. I press the green answer button and press the phone up to my ear. "Papa Johns Pizza." I smile and slightly laugh. Harry does too. "Diana. It's time to come home. You need to eat dinner. Tomorrow you have school." She says as if my life depended on it. Well it kinda does so...yeah. "Ok. Fiiiinnneeee." I reply and she hangs up. I turn off my phone and look over at Harry. "I'm soooooo sorry Harry, but I have to go home. But I'll see you at school right?" I hopefully smile. "Yeah, I-I'll see you tomorrow." His face expression stays the same. "K. Bye!" I hug him and thank him for the cute little picnic. I scurry to my car and then drive home. I didn't answer. I didn't answer. I couldn't answer. Why couldn't I. Why?

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