Diana is a funny, sarcastic kind of person. Diana is Harry Styles' best friend. Little did Diana know that she'll end up with Louis Tomlinson and that Harry becomes....jealous?


8. The Talk

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. i just want to say that I'll be updating every once in a while. If you've been on my profile page, my discription used to say I'll be updating every  Friday and Saturday but now it's once in a while. Anyyyyyways, enjoy!


Lou's POV 

"He what?!" My eyes went wide as Diana told me the whole story about you-know-who. (Not Voldemort. It's  Harry. lol.) Diana bit her lip. I sighed. "Louis, I don't know what to do! I'd rather have both of you break my heart than have you and Harry's heart broken by me. I'm just never enough. (Ha get it?) I-I JUST CAN'T!" Tears streamed down her cheeks. My face softened at the sight of her in pain and guilt. I pulled her into a hug and told her everything is gonna be okay. "Diana. Love," I start but she goes quiet. Uncomfortably quiet. I pull away from the hug and look at her in the eyes. I can see all the mixed emotions in them. "Don't hurt yourself. Hurt me. Don't kill yourself. Kill me. I deserve it. Go for Harry. Don't go for me. You don't need me." With those words, I left her standing in the rain in her driveway as I left. Goodbye Diana. 






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