Diana is a funny, sarcastic kind of person. Diana is Harry Styles' best friend. Little did Diana know that she'll end up with Louis Tomlinson and that Harry becomes....jealous?


1. Prologe

Diana's POV

"I-I love you Diana! I just Didn't know how to explain it to you. Ive loved you since the beginning. You were just so blind. Ever since you and Louis started dating, I felt this weird feeling and-" i stopped Harry in mid sentence."Harry?" He looks up at me with those beautiful green eyes."we're going to work this out, ok?" I weakly smile. Harry nods in response. " I just feel..." Harry starts. I grab his hands. Then before Harry can finish his sentence, a camera flashes a picture of us. "Hey! Why'd you do that?! Delete that photo!" I demand, sounding much like my mom when Jack does something stupid on his phone. "Thanks for the photo!" He scurrys off and I stand there in utter shock. If Louis finds out he's probably going to break up with me and kill Harry.I don't know what to do... I'll have it fix a broken heart, even if it costs my own.


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