Diana is a funny, sarcastic kind of person. Diana is Harry Styles' best friend. Little did Diana know that she'll end up with Louis Tomlinson and that Harry becomes....jealous?


7. End Of The Day

I'm sorry I didn't update. I was tired and I had too much stuff that i has to do but here's this chapter! (Yes. I used lyrics from End of the day as the title. You're welcome. Also I'm going to my cousin's house and she doesn't have wifi so I might not update. Hopefully I'll be home with wifi so I can update. Enjoy!

Harry's POV 

The next day, Diana ends up at my door. "Hey Harry, um c-can we talk for a minute." Diana ruins me. When she stutters when she's nervous, her laugh, her smile, just her in general makes me all warm inside. "Yeah, sure." I close the door behind me and step outside. "Um, so um, I wanted to tell you that me and and um, Louis are dating." The smile on my face drops as she said the word "dating." "Oh. Congrats! Im really happy. for you!" I lie. Inside, my heart blew out of existence. I kept a smile on my face. "Thanks Harry. This is why you're my best friend." She smiles. He hug goodbye as we went on our own seperate ways. It crushed my heart. I'm jealous. That is a fact I'll always say as long as Diana and Louis are dating. I'll try not to interfere or get in the way of everything. The story of my life.

You're the one that I want at the end of the day.~ Harry Styles



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