Say you love me

Mareina is seeking for love but when she starts finding a guy something goes extremely wrong and then her worlds get flipped over

~Say you love me~


9. You

( Jake's pov ) 

( previously )

~ I quickly shake for a minute and now my body goes numb while it sinks ~ 


      I'M TRYING MY BEST TO SURVIVE! BUT THIS PAIN IS KILLING ME! Struggling my way through the fucking cold ass lake! Like titanic all over again. It felt like I was tied to an anchor and its pulling me down. I can't breathe...I'm losing breath. I probably have 2 minutes before my body shuts down, or I just die because I inhale water into my lungs. I hear water above me being splashed but I can't really see anything because my eyes are getting blurry. Just for a minute I wanted to live but whats the point when im gonna die soon. I never thought I would die in a lake. Either that girl was death or dark vador trying to kill me. Wait, is it dark vador or is his name the reaper? I don't remember. I don't have time to think actually. The only thing I can actually see is my body being blue. I think my ear drum busted because now I got pain in my ears and I can't hear anymore. I can no longer move my body, its so stiff. My eyes are closing pretty soon. I try moving my body but I can feel a little warmth but not enough. 3.......2........1.....My eyes close. 


" JAKE! " 


   Mareina...Mareina Marr. I remember all the shit I did to her. All the pain I caused her. It was only because I like her. But for some odd reason I'm not dead. I can hear. She's the one that woke me up, the one who made me listen. Shes the one people are after. But IM the one who's mostly after her. Because of her im still alive. I can't move so I don't know how long I have. She's the one who actually cares but im the one who kept bothering her and couldn't see that. Shes the one who's on my mind. She's the one I actually talk about...She's the one restoring my soul and keeping my heart beating. She's the one I care for. I felt something touch me but I blacked out for a minute. Not knowing that i'm alive. 


 Sirens, cops, clothes, crying, emergency, vans, people, blanket, warmth. I'm alive, no longer in the damn lake. 

" Jake can you hear me? " Sounds like my father but I'm not so sure. 

" JAKE WAKE UP! " Thats Austin for sure. But someone's holding my hand, I can sorta feel because I can feel the tingling sensation. My body is bruised, I can feel it. I cant open my eyes. I hear sirens going off like crazy and feel a van rush. I'm on something but not sure what exactly...Something is on my arms and I can hear a heater...

" Jake....Please...Wake up. " I instantly wake up because I knew exactly who that was. Mareina. I sit straight up and I'm in the emergency van and my moms holding my hand looking shocked. And I can tell my two parents were crying. There were needles stuck into my arm and an air pump over my nose. I quickly glance over and stare to my left and notice Mareina and Lucy. They look shocked as well. So does Austin. I remove the needles and the air pump and quickly go after Mareina. I lightly grab her face with my cold hands and I could feel her jump a little. I move in closer and closer and end up kissing her softly. My lips become warm instantly. 

" Mareina......I.....Love.........." My eyes instantly shuts and my body falls. 


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