Say you love me

Mareina is seeking for love but when she starts finding a guy something goes extremely wrong and then her worlds get flipped over

~Say you love me~


10. Whats wrong?

( Layla's pov ) 


     I haven't heard from Mareina for weeks now. Everytime I text her, her phone's disconnected. She swears up and down she doesn't like him but they day he tried to say " I love you "shocked her. The whole thing shocked her. She stopped talking when he said those words. I knock on her door sometimes but her parents say she's out somewhere or she's in the hospital checking on Jake. For someone who basically hates him, she sure cares. I guess they were having a bond and I just didn't know anything about it... 



Dayal: babe...Let's go out to eat! 

Me: Not in the mood babe sorry. How about another time? 

Dayel: I haven't even seen you for two days now--- Fine that's cool. 

Me: Why are you upset? Yea two days babe that hasn't been long! And Jakes been in the hospital and I don't even know if Mar is ok? Can't you fucking respect that? 

Dayal: ( Seen )

Me: Hello?

Dayal: ( Seen ) 

Me: HELLO!? 

Dayal: ( Logged out )  

WTF LOG OUT! Ugh this what gets me pissed off about him! Yea don't talk to me whatever, I don't care. I get up and go outside and of course its raining in Miami. I stand on my patio and just let the rain soak my hair. I suddenly  hear something and I look behind me. A little girl, the same little girl who was at the lake the other day... She giggles and runs away from behind the house. 

" WAIT! " I go after her but stumble a little over the stair patios. I run behind the house and see her sitting on the swingset.. 

" Hey... little girl.... what are doing here? " I go to her but she slowly gets up...

" Ok.. I wont hurt you... I promise... can I sit next to you? " I slowly go to the next swing and gently sit on it. She seems fine but doesn't look at me. 

" You're the same little girl who was there.... the lake.... Why are you here? " She didnt say nothing... Just kept looking down...

" Oh...uhh Jake's gonna be fine. I know he is.. I just know it... Whats your name? " Still she didn't say anything. 

" Maybe I should leave you alone... Bye? " I get up and slowly walk away... 

" Rose. " I stop and turn around. 

" My name is... Rose. " 

" Nice to meet you my name is Lay--" Bringing my hand out. 

" I know who you are. " 

" Wha- how? " I get closer to her... She gets up and takes my hand and drags me further into my backyard... She brought me to a dark tunnel... A tunnel that looked fucking dumb ass scary. She points inside.

" AH FUCK TO THE NO! I ain't doing that shit! " The little girl runs in and stops halfway... I can barely see her because of her dirty white dress.. She runs more and I can't see her at all. 

" Ok... uhhh... I guess im coming. " I slowly go in but kinda trembling... I look behind me because I hear footsteps... I haven't gotten in fully yet. I suddenly feel something grab my hand and yank me back. 

" LAYLA! WTH ARE YOU DOING!? " It was Dayal.. 

" Whats wrong... You ok??" I shake my head and hug him. He picks me up and takes me inside my house and lays me down in bed while he's on top. 

" Baby... Can I have a kiss? " He kisses me over and over again without stopping. His warm lips made me want more... 

" I love you. " I smile and he stops kissing... 

" I love you too.. " My face changed because out my window I saw the little girl standing there looking right at me..

" Babe? Whats wrong? " 

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