Say you love me

Mareina is seeking for love but when she starts finding a guy something goes extremely wrong and then her worlds get flipped over

~Say you love me~


6. The gym

( Jake’s Pov )

   “ Hahahaha “ Me and Austin went to the gym together and talking about girls, like usual.

“ Hahaha her face expression was hilarious. “

“ Well i'm glad it was funny to you but we lost the video tape since her brother came and crushed it. “ Austin whined.

“ Haha but it was still funny. “ We both laugh and dribble some hoops. The score is 6/5. I have 6 he has 5. I dribble the ball and corner him around and bang the ball in the hoop.

“ HA! “ I grab the ball and 5 shot it in the far distance.

“ HA!! I win. “ He grabs the ball and throws it at me for me to catch.

“ Aight let's keep talking more about Mareina. “

“ What's there to talk about? She's hot, has curves, everything a boy would want. “ I laugh.

“ So you only like her for her looks? Man thats shitty. “ Austin hits the ball out of my hand and throws it on the rack.

“ Nah bruh I like her for her personality too. “ He laughs so hard I think he nearly died.

“ Hahahhaha right. “ He comes around the corner and leaves. I grab my things and just stand there, like i'm a complete idiot.

“ Bruh dont leave yet. “ Austins a really great friend but sometimes he can be kinda rough.

“ How about we both stand here and look forward but act cool. “

“ Why? “

“ No questions just do it. “ Well we stand there and a couple of girls turn the corner and I see Mareina and Layla.

“ Bruh. “ I freak out a little with a smile on my face. He brushes my arm and stays cool. We both do the same and smile at them. They look at us and giggle except Mareina and Layla. Instead they just stare and roll their eyes. Mareina and Layla whisper at each other and turn a different direction from the other 6 girls.

 We both looked at each other and followed Mareina and Layla. Then they both went to a different direction. Layla went left and Mareina went right.  Austin hand my arm and smiled.

“ Follow Mareina and I'll follow Layla. “ I nod and went to follow Mareina. She turned left and went over to a vending machine. And I leaned on the doorway.

“ What you buying? “ She jumped and leaned against the vending machine.

“ Omg…. You scared me! “ I come closer and she smiles. Our lips are 2 inches away from each other. I come in and kiss her and she wraps her hands around me and kisses me more and more. I push her against the wall and pick her up. I kiss her neck and touch her. I could hear her breath heavy. I take her shirt off and touch her even more. AFter 5 minutes came through I hear Austin calling my name.

“ JAKE! DUDE! “ Austin wakes me up from daydreaming and i'm standing, holding my stuff. My eyes adjust to Austin.

“ You coming or nah? “

“ Sorry bro. “ I catch up to him and we walk down to my car and heading down to his house.

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