Say you love me

Mareina is seeking for love but when she starts finding a guy something goes extremely wrong and then her worlds get flipped over

~Say you love me~



( Mareina’s pov )

~ He's staring at me...Watching my mind like it's a clock….He knows i'm ill… I can’t take this pressure…..It all hurts too much…. He's being sincere… He won't let me go……~


 The clock hits 12:34pm. It's almost lunch time but as usual i'm not really hungry. Layla is sitting next to me and watches the clock… Mr. Reap is talking about something but i'm not paying any attention. One more minute and lunch hits. Layla starts humming and Mr. Reap sits down and acts like he's playing the drums.

“ MR. REAL MAREINA HURT JAKE! AND HE WON’T TALK! “ I look at the back of the room and Stacy is standing up screaming like her nail broke. I glance over to Jake and she's right. He's not saying anything and he looks depressed.

“ Stacy calm down. He’ll be all right. “ She sits down and flicks me off and tries to hug him. But he pushes her off and looks down.

“ Oh my god Stacy stop being a prick….damn. “ Layla shots back. The bell finally rang and Stacy is all over Jake.

“ Where do you wanna get food at Mar? “ Layla says with a smile. I forgot you can go out and get food during lunch time.

“ Uhhh...How about we get subway and go to our shop and eat? “ Her smile went big and she jumped up and down.

“ SOUNDS GREAT! SEE U AT THE CAR! “ She runs out of the room and leaves. Stacy is bugging Jake and he's trying to gather his stuff up but isn't say anything.

“ AWW come on Jakey! We can go to a restaurant with me and my girls with your friends too! “ He passes by her leaving her standing.

“ No, thanks. “ For the first time he let down a girl. He leaves the room and I could hear Stacy getting mad while she whispers to her friends. I gather my stuff up and leave also but something didn’t feel quite right. Ever had the feeling when someone is watching you? I had a strong feeling someone is.


( Jake's pov )


“ HEY BRO where you wanna go? There some lucky girls we can hang out with. “  Austin has his basketball in one hand and his other hand is filled with ‘ I love you ‘ all over. Were in the middle of the hallway just talking.

“ Nah...I don’t feel like dealing with girls. Can we go to a bar or something. Get a joint? “ His smiled faded but his eyes were wild.

“ BRO! Are you ok? YOU NEVER DOUBT A GIRL! “ He shakes my shoulders and gently slaps my face.

“ I don’t know...I'm fine. Can we just get out of this hell hole? “ Something wasn’t right. I don’t know. I usually sleep with girls for a one night stand and then leave. I don't let them in my heart but something is bothering me.

“ Yea lets go get a joint. “ I see Mareina past by and Austin pats my arm and acts like he's gonna trip her. He smiles and gets near her and raises his leg. I drop my shit and push him on the ground. Mareina turns around and sees us.

“ What the hell dude! “ He gets up and he seemed pissed.




“ NO! STACY ISN'T A PEST AND YOU'RE ACTING LIKE ONE! “ Mareina goes bright red.

“ Man shut up, you’re acting retarded. You’re just saying that because you like her. “ Mareina doesn’t say anything but she gave Austin a look.

“ No, I don't like her. Were not even friends. So whatever you think. “ Mareina leaves and Austin smiles.

“ Let's go. Im hungry man. “ Austin and I leave out of school...For the rest of the day. But that same feeling got worse when every minute hit the clock….Something is wrong.


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