Say you love me

Mareina is seeking for love but when she starts finding a guy something goes extremely wrong and then her worlds get flipped over

~Say you love me~


12. Something A little big

( Jakes pov )


    " DUDE! WE HAVE TO GET THESE SHOES! " Austin's freaking out with michael jordan shoes. 

" Nahhh I want some black vans. " 

" God your old school. " He takes the jordan shoes and I get the new vans I want. 

" Aiy lets go to the candy area. " 

" Why.. So you can smell nice for your ' girl '" Austin laughs.

" Stop... She's not my girlfriend.... It was just a kiss that's it. " Austin nudges me in the arm. 

" Thats not what I think  and -- woah... look at that. " Austin quickly points at a pretty girl with a good ass body. But Mareinas better. Austin gives me a ' ill brb ' look. I smile and go to the candy area. I keep looking for the perfect mints I can eat for Mar. I keep looking till I hear a familiar voice. 

 " I didnt think bad boy's go shopping, I thought they make girls do it for them... Impressive. " I turn around it was Mareina. I smile and glance at things Im holding.

" Guys arent that bad. " She slightly smiles and starts to walk away. I see Austin still with that girl so I decide and follow Mar. 

" Wheres that friend of yours? " I ask. 

" Right here dipshit. " Someone taps me on the shoulder form the back and I turn around theres Layla. 

" Guys shop? " Layla says giggling. 

" Exactly. " Mar agreed 

" Guys arent that bad you know. " I begin.

" Bad boys like u, are. " She laughs at her own joke. 

" Anyways, im gonna go... Ill leave you guys alone. " Layla says singing.

" WAIT-- Ermm " Mar turns around and walks a different direction. 

" Wait.. Mar whats wrong? " 

" Nothing... " I pick her up and put her on my shoulders.

" LET ME GO! " She says screaming. 

" No. " Everyone is staring at me but honestly I don't care. I walk in the very back of Walmart and set her down. 

" What was that for! " She crosses her arms on her chest.  

" Tell me what's wrong? You've been acting weird ever since you saw me.. One you ran away from me, then ignored me, wont say hi anymore, then everytime you see me you just pass towards me, and everytime I talk to you, you dont say anything. And now you're walking away from me. So tell me whats wrong and on your mind. " She keeps staring at me. 

" Nothing. " She starts to walk away but i grab her hand and lightly push her back to me. 

" Mar. " She sighs and just keep staring. 

" I dont know... Im confused. You tell me you love me but I don't know how I feel about you.. I dont know... If i keep talking to you I might end up liking you... But I don't know If I like you and you kissed me made me wonder and -- " I stop her and grab her hands and hold them and lean in and kiss her. I keep kissing her till she lets go. She gets on her tippy toes and lets go of my hands and wraps her arms around my neck.. So I know she likes this. We stop kissing and she blushes very hard. I lean in and slowly push her against the wall of Walmart and keep kissing her. I lift her up and let her legs wrap around my waist. I start to slowly slipping my tongue in her mouth. 

" No, stop. " I stop and let her stand on her feet. She blushes hard and I go numb. She looks at me and slightly smiles. 

" MAREINA!!! " I hear Layla calling her name. 

" Well I gotta go. Bye jake. " She turns around and blushes once more. 

" Say you love me. " I chuckle. She slightly waves goodbye and leaves. I sigh and sit on the floor.

" One of these days... She'll say it. "  


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