Say you love me

Mareina is seeking for love but when she starts finding a guy something goes extremely wrong and then her worlds get flipped over

~Say you love me~


11. My kiss

(  Mariena's pov ) 


      Weeks have passed and Jake still haven't  been seen. The doctors told me a month ago that, that was my last visit with him.. So now im permanently banned because i started yelling because how fucking stupid that was. I think I have a right to see someone. No I dont like him, I just don't understand things and I want to see if hes okay. But now I cant even see him because I might get the disease he might have. Fuck you doctors suck a hobos ass.  

" Mar, you ok? " Layla ask while shaking my shoulders.

" Wh-- Yea.. Why? " She looks at me puzzled.

" The bell ranged and you weren't moving... Whats on your mind? " I finally shake off my doze and look at her. 

" Nothing lets go, I don't like being in classes. " We head out and go to the hallway and head to our lockers. I soon remember I havent seen Logan in a while.. Only his sister. Layla told me everything that one day she saw her. Its like she wants something from us. What exactly? I feel a warm hand on my arm and I turn around and it was Layla. 

" You ok? " I ask her, she looks pale.

" Im not really feeling too good.. Im gonna head to the nurse. " 

" Want me to come... Ill take you there. " She stops me.

" No dont. I got this thanks anyway, see you later dont kill yourself. " Yea.. No promises. I walk down the the hallway where there was a huge crowd of girls. Standing there with a hot look and a beautiful smile. Jake. I stand in the corner so no one would notice me around. Every time Jake would move so would the girls. 

" OK OK EVERYONE AWAY! HES NOT A PET GO AWAY! " Austin says yelling and swaying and shoving girls aside. 

" He has a major disease that will kill him if too many people are close to him. SO GO AWAY BITCHES! " They all run off like mad animals and head to class. 

" Hmm that worked. Thanks man. " They bro hug and laugh. 

" No problem.. So since youve been asked alot of questions today.. Wheres that chick of yours? " I slowly walk away. 

" Ummm.. I dont know but shes not my girl ok. " 

" Yea ri-" Jake and Austins spots me and I run the other direction. 

" Wait MAR! " I hear jake running and shouting. I feel two warm gentle hands scoop me up in the air and hug me from behind. I giggle on accident. 

" Ooo someones cheerful yet scared to see me. " He whispers in my ear, sending shivers down my spine and I could see his smile in the corner of my eye. Hes such a huge flirt but why to me. 

" No I would like if you would let me go tho.. That would be nice. " He chuckles but doesnt let go. 

" Nah I like it right here.. And besides I wanna see my baby girl. "

" Well Ill give you a hug but not in this position.. And Im not your baby girl. " He turns me around and hugs me. 

" You are too. "

" Not... Hows everything? " 

" Good so far.. I dont remember last night but its all good. Hows life with you? Miss me? Worried because you came to the hospital a lot? " He smiles and chuckles. Austin, who I forgot was standing behind him, was texting on his phone and decided to go and leave us " alone. " I blush and dont say anything. 

" Your so cute. " He says in a sexy tone. 

" No.. But like the time you were in ambu- " He gently kisses my lips and pulls me close to him. Im in complete shocked and didnt struggle. This is my first kiss and as gentle and passionate hes kissing me makes you wanna die inside. I stand on my tippy toes and wrap my arms around him, not realizing im doing this. I kiss him back. We stop and stare into each others eyes. I blush like crazy.

" Your a great kisser. " He reaches in for another kiss but I put my index finger on his lips. 

" Jake... I.. Uhhh...." The bell rings and I get my things ready to leave. 

" I... Gotta go. " 

" Wait.. Mar- " He grabs my wrist as I walk down the hallway. 

" I love you Mar. " He lets go of my wrist and I walk down the hallway to my classroom. 

" Bye Jake.. I'm glad your ok. " He looked really disappointed just standing there. I walk away and go to my other class, wondering if Layla is ok. I got so distracted with that kiss.. I couldn't stand it but wanting more. 


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