Say you love me

Mareina is seeking for love but when she starts finding a guy something goes extremely wrong and then her worlds get flipped over

~Say you love me~


4. Logan

( Mareina’s pov )

  I'm walking in the rain. Hoping the rain would wash my bad memories away. Buts whats the point if it doesn't? Are you just gonna give up or fight back? I don't know all I want is my memories gone.


“ So did he follow you when you kicked his leg? “ Layla ask while we put up can foods in our store. Layla is my best friend I've known her since we were little and she's one funny chick, shes has a boyfriend named Dayel and I don't know why but he always hugs me.

“ No I finally got away from him. Damn he's so annoying. “ I grab a box that says “ Yummy my cheerios “ and it makes me laugh alittle.

“ Yea but hes hot. “ I laugh at that remark and look outside and watch the rain pour. There's a big lake out back and I love how the rain splatters on the lake.

“ Mareina I'll be in the back I gotta get more things to put on display. “ She leaves and I go to the cash register. I hear the bell when someone opens the door.

“ Hello. “ I say while looking at the customer. He turns and smiles. His smile is beautiful and he's so hot. He's soaked and that makes it even better. He looks like he's 16 but the thing is I've never seen him around here.

“ Hey. “ I smile and he goes over to aisle. He gets a bottle of coke and grabs a chocolate bar. He comes over to the register and smiles and hands me the things for me to scan.

“ It's 1.37. “ He grabs his wallet and hands me the money but he doesn't leave yet instead he stays.

“ Thanks, but how are you. “ I just stare at him and blush.

“ GREAT! I mean how are you. “ He smiles.

“Im great actually but Im Logan. “ He looks at me and his eyes are crystal blue and I almost panick.  

“ M-Mareina. “ I stumble a little and some things fell off the counter. I act normal and act like nothing happened.

“ Well Mareina here's my number. “ He hands me a number but I highly doubt a gorgeous man would give it to me.  He smiles and starts to head out for the door.

“ Bye, I hope to see you soon. “ I smile and wave bye. Just then Layla comes out and looks at me.

“ Why are you smiling? “ I look at her and act dumb.

“ I'm always smiling. “ She laughs and puts the box full of food down. I hear the bell ring again.

“ Hel-” It was my brother and his gang of friends. Rather say 5 gang of friends.  My brother, Raiden, had a heart transplant. His heart wasn't functioning right at age 14. And we still haven't figured out who the hearts owner belongs too. All we know is he died from getting shot in the chest.

“ UGHHHH Raiden what do you want? “

“ Hey little sis. Where's your cokes at? “ Im 16 and hes 17.

“ Over there and hurry I don't want you scaring people away. “ They all laugh and rummage through the cokes. They play around like a bunch of morons and finally come to the register.

“ Ha heres 10. Keep it, you guys need it. And hey Layla, don't forget to come over tonight at my house for a surprise. “ Layla flicks them off.  They all laugh and leave.

“ Pathetic bitches. “

“ Wow girl has some nerves. “ I say jokingly.

“ Your brother is annoying. “

“ Yea I know. “ Sometimes I wish Raiden would just get trapped in a sink hole.

“ Anyways i'm gonna head on home baby girl, I'll see you soon. “ She gets her purse and gets her keys and hugs me goodbye.

“ Bye baby girl be careful it's raining. “ She leaves and I watch her drive home. I turn off the lights and lock the store’s doors. I see something in the corner of my eye and look at that direction, it's still raining but I could tell who it was and all I see is Jake standing in the far distance looking straight at me.


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