Say you love me

Mareina is seeking for love but when she starts finding a guy something goes extremely wrong and then her worlds get flipped over

~Say you love me~


2. Jake and Mr Shotwell

Sitting in Mr. Shotwells class gives me the shivers. First his last name, SHOTwell, I mean does he shoot well? Second he always stares at me and smiles and always calls my name. Third there's fucking blisters on his hand and he always pops them in front of class and puss drips out. Fourth not only does he have blisters, he hangs people teeth on his walls and says they used to be his mother's. And fifth sitting on desks makes me wanna vomit because there's practically an ass smell and you just might wanna die.


“ JAKE! Please point out where the upper ovaries are at in a girl's body to the board. “ Oh yea not only is he disgusting but most of the time he's a pervert and basically teaches us sex, private genitals, and how they function. So yea he's a biology teacher but one perverted one.  Anyways Jake, the bad boy, always sits in the back and flirts with girls. He only goes for the hot girls and probably fucked them all. When he sees me, he makes vomit sounds and laughs about it. Everyone says i'm a pretty hot girl but to him I look like ass. I'm a virgin and probably will be for a long time but I would rather have sex with 15 hobos then getting fucked by Jake Burks.


“ Uhh…. I don't know this shit, I haven't seen one. “ Everyone laughs and so does the teacher.

“ Says the guy who fucked 16 girls. “ I mumbled. But I think I mumbled to loudly because he heard.

“ Says the  one who's still a virgin, at least I get something as for you no one would want to touch you. “ Everyone laughs but the teacher does not.

“ Thats enough you two! “ The teacher sits down and stares at me.

“ Can you please stop staring at me. “ I asked.  Jake sits back down and whispers to his fan girls.

“ Oh my god, Mr Shotwell has a crush on Mareina Marr! Aye cool Mareina you finally got someone to like you! “ I look back at him and he gives me the bird.

“ DETENTION BOTH OF YOU! “ We both look at Mr Shotwell.

“ WHAT! “ We both say and then the bell rings.


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