Say you love me

Mareina is seeking for love but when she starts finding a guy something goes extremely wrong and then her worlds get flipped over

~Say you love me~


8. I hate stormy days.

( Jake's pov )

~ lies, they fly around my head until I do something about it. Lies. Thats all I can say ~


    " No, I don't think its fair for him to do that! HE SHOULDN'T HAVE ACTED THAT WAY! Thank you ill talk to him! " 

" JAKE! GET YOUR ASS OFF OF THE FUCKING LAPTOP AND GET TO THE KITCHEN RIGHT NOW! " I look at her while shes screaming my name from the bottom of the stairs and im sitting right behind her in the kitchen. 

" Uh I AM in the kitchen. " I say smart. She turns and looked startled. 

" Oh. Why were you trashing a teacher's car!? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! YOU HAD NO RIGHT EVEN IF U WERE MAD! " I just look at her. 

" Well, Im Jake nice to meet you. " I take my hand out for her to shake but she looks pissed. 

" Well! Uh I don't know what your talking about sooo. " I get up and begin to walk away but she pushes me down back down to the chair. 

" OH NO MR! YOU ARE GROUNDED! And I will talk to that teacher and I can see what YOU can do for her. But i'll repair your damage! " I get up instantly! 

" ME DOING SOMETHING FOR HER! You mean job? Work? EFFORT?! " 

" Yes! " 

" Whats your logic here! " I get up and go upstairs and close my door. I lay on my bed and just listen to the rain. I get up and look outside and someones in our backyard playing with our garden and it looks like a girl. I rush downstairs and open the back door and its pouring down rain! I see the 8 year old girl at the end of the lake looking at her reflection. I just look at her and my eyes are getting washed by the rain. The clouds are getting black and and lightning is striking. 

" UHHHH LITTLE GIRL! " she looks at me and gets up and backs up slowly.

" WAIT! DON'T DO ANYTHING I WON'T HURT YOU! " I see Mars and Lucy's market shop nearby and I keep thinking if I should quickly get help or run back inside and get help. The little girl starts crying and keeps screaming a guys name. 

" LOGAN! "


" LOGAN! " She keeps screaming and crying. I get closer and closer. 

" Its ok, I can help you...Please get away from the lake. " She screams louder and my parents came running out seeing what was going on and some neighbors were coming out as well. 

" Jake! " My mom shocked. I look back and back to the little girl. 

" Its ok just please! " 

" LOGAN!! I WANT LOGANNNN!!! " I can't think for a moment. And I see the market shops doors open and see Lucy and Mar. 

" IM LOGAN! IM HERE! COME HERE PLEASE ITS ME LOGAN! " She stops and stares directly at me. I get closer and catch her with my arms. I turn away from her and im the one facing the lake. I kneel down and she cries on my shoulder. Everyone is gathering by. 

" JAKE! " Mar and Lucy shouts. I stand up and the little girl stands away and stares at me with a smile.  I smile back at her and I heard thunder and it sounds like a bomb. It startled me I slipped on the puddle on the bank and fell into the ice cold 50 foot deep lake. I could feel knives stabbing through my body. And I can hear people shouting my name. My whole body is turning black and blue. I can see my veins pop out. I try squirming but the ice cold water is hitting my body. I quickly shake for a minute and now my body goes numb while it sinks. 



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