Say you love me

Mareina is seeking for love but when she starts finding a guy something goes extremely wrong and then her worlds get flipped over

~Say you love me~


3. Detention

( Jake's Pov )

   FUCK! MAREINA MARR! I'm stuck with that bitch in detention. And we were the only people there! Now I have to listen to her annoying grunts. It's not my fault she's a virgin and not pretty. Ok I'll take that back. Mareina Is pretty hot looking and her nice curves, I just pick on her because she can be annoying when I annoy her. Make any sense? Probably not, but who cares. Just putting my feet on other chairs, slumping and i'm just gonna watch the clock hit to 4. And no teacher.


“ Oh my gosh, this isn't your living room. So get your nasty ass feet off of chairs. “ Oh no she didnt.

“ Bitch calm your ass, it's not like you own this property but you sure own your mouth. “ I just burned her.

“ Yea I do own my mouth and you own your dick so stop masturbating all the time. “ I get up and walk to her, she's on her laptop looking up something.

“ Whatever but what are you looking at? “

“ Why would you care? “

“ Paradise? Da fuq is that? “ I look harder and it's a book. NERD!

“ Dumbass read it's a book and i'm trying to figure out when the second one is coming out and it says “ Say you love me “ after it ends the second one will come out. “

“ Ugh books fuck about them. “

“ Fuck yourself. “

“ Say you love me. “

“ I hate you. Good enough? “ I sit in the back of the room and just stare at her. She has beautiful brown eyes with a bit blonde in her hair. I don't love her I just like her. So like a crush and she hates me so thats a perfect match. Its 3:42 and were about to go so might as well make a move. I go to her and pucker my lips.

“ WTF ARE YOU DOING! “ She pushes me away and slaps me. I rub my face.

“ I was giving you a hello gester, damn. “

“ Oh my hello back was a smack on the face. “ Damn this bitch is awesome.

“ Why won't you kiss me? “

“ I don't kiss fuck boys. “ Harsh?

“ I'm not a fuck boy I only had sex 9 times so calm your ass. “ She puts her laptop away and comes my way. She pushes me against the wall.

“ Ooooo so you down for this? We got 10 mins. “ She starts to laugh and leaves.

“ My point exactly…..F-U-C-K Boy. “

“ I seriously think that's rude. “

“ When are you ever nice? “ She starts to laugh at her own jokes. When girls have good jokes.

“ I'm always nice. “

“ Your moms nice. “ Again she laughs.

“ What's that supposed to mean? “

“ Your fa- “ The bell rings and she instantly runs out the door. I finally catch up to her.

“ Why are you running? “

“ Oh my god….Fucking leave me alone. “ She kicks me in the leg and I go down and I watch her leave the school. Say you love me.




HEYYYY!!!!!! Do you guys like this one yet? And yayayay ^^ so happy everything is going well. You'll find some clues about Paradise in here so have fun! 


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