The Boys Next Door

2 best friends, Jaelyn and Jenna move to New York , to live out their dreams together. When they move in to their new apartment, they don't know what they are in for. They find out they live next to 4 extremely obnoxious bad boys. The ones they are told to stay away from. They are your typical group of boys, there is the bad boy, the player, the funny one, and of course the "sweet" one. They soon actually become friends with them. Some might end up falling for them. Who knows? Maybe the bad boys aren't so bad after all? This is about 2 best friends journey in life.


16. The War Begins

Jenna's POV

Today is finally Friday after a very eventful week. First we became slaves. Then Jaelyn landed in a hospital. Then we got in a fight with the plastics. Then we got a surprise visit from our family. We became friends with the boys, we made new friends, and we came up with a devious plan.

I'm surprised at how much can happen in a week. I get out of bed, and throw on some shorts, a flannel, and a lace up tank top. Once I'm finished getting dressed, I brush my teeth. Once I go to the kitchen, I see Lia and Mason laughing at something. They are so cute together.

Matthew, Caleb, and Nicole come out shortly after. Jaelyn is the last one to  come out. She is wearing a cute lace tank top, with a black floral skirt, a brown cardigan, and brown high heel lace up boots. "Cute outfit," I say,

"Thanks," she replies smiling at me. We start to make breakfast. After we eat, we say our goodbyes to our family, and head to school. Once we get there, we spot Emily.

"Let's get this plan in action," she says. We head off in different directions. We find Alex in the midst of people.

"Hey Alex," I say.

"Hey girls," he replies.

"So, how do you feel now that you are friends with us girls," asks Jaelyn.

"It's fun having friends that are girl," he replies.

"Do you feel anything different about anyone in particular?" I ask.

"Nope why?" he asks suspiciously.

"No reason," I reply.

"You don't know much about us right?" Jaelyn asks.

"Yeah," he says.

"Well let's tell you about us," she says.

"Okay," he says.

"First off did you know Abby and Emily are really into sports?" I ask.

"Nope, that's cool," he says.

"Abby in particular is really good at running, and basketball," Jaelyn says.

"That's cool," he says.

"She used to even do gymnastics," I say.

"What about you guys?" he asks. Shoot he's changing the subject to us.

"I like music, I play the piano. I also love art, art is my passion. I am obsessed with gummy bears, Brandi Carlile, and Chris Hemsworth. I like the outdoors, and hiking," I say really quick. Alex is trying to take in all of the information. Jaelyn follows my lead.

"I also really like music. I play the violin. I love sour patch kids, and Cotten candy flavored stuff. I also love the smell of vanilla. I also am a book worm. Reading is my passion, you can always find me reading a book. I am also obsessed with Sam Smith, Adele, and Liam Hemsworth," Jaelyn says really quick.

"Why are you guys talking so fast?" Alex ask.

"I don't know for fun?" I say shrugging my shoulders, but in reality we wanted to get back to Abby.

"So what about you?" Jaelyn asks.

"I am a computer geek. I like fixing things. I love chocolate, and cars. I love camping, and traveling," he says.

"That's cool," I say.

"Do you like cake and cookies and stuff?" Jaelyn asks.

"Yeah, who doesn't also why?" he replies.

"Abby always bakes when she's bored, so she's a good person to be around if you like baked goods," Jaelyn replies.

"Okay, I'm going to go now, you guys are acting weird," he says then walks away.

"Do you think he figured us out?" I ask.

"No, I don't think so. I think he just thinks we are acting weird," Jaelyn replies. The bell then rings, and I say goodbye to Jaelyn. I head to my favorite class art. I start working on my latest piece. The bell rings an while later, and I head to Science class. I have this class with Emily and Sam.

"So, do you have any progress?" I ask.

"I dropped some subtle hints, she thought I was acting really weird," Emily replies.

"That's exactly what happened with us and Alex," I reply.

"They think alike," Emily says.

"Yup," then Sam walks over to us.

"Hey Sam," I say.

"Hey," he replies.

"Emily, you and Abby should come over after school, and meet our family," I say.

"Yeah, that'd be fun," she replies. We have to shut up because class is starting . Then after science we have lunch. We sit by Riley and her friends.

"So is it true?" Olivia asks.

"Is what true?" Jaelyn asks.

"That you guys are now friends with the golden boys," Thea replies.

"Yeah," I say.

"Really?" Riley asks surprised.

"Yeah, they aren't as bad as everyone thinks they are," Jaelyn replies.

"They haven't ordered us to do anything so bad," I say.

"It's just hard to believe," says Riley.

"I know it is," Jaelyn says.

"What about you guys? How do you feel about them?" Olivia asks gesturing to Abby and Emily.

"They are actually really nice sometimes," Abby says.

"Yeah, like when Jaelyn hit her head, Jace carried her to the ambulance car," Emily says.

"Really, I didn't know that," Jaelyn days looking at me for confirmation. I nod my head.

"He really did, he made sure you got in safely," I say.

"That's nice of him," Thea says.

"Don't treat them differently though, they still are somewhat bad," Jaelyn says.

"Good to know," Riley says. The bell rings, and we say our goodbyes. I head over to drama class. I have it with Abby, Sam, and Alex. Once I get there, I take a seat next to Abby. Alex, and Sam later go to sit next to us.

"Okay class, we are going to do a project. I will assign you a script, you must memorize it, and act in out in front of the class. You will do this with a partner, so pair up," the teacher says.

This will be a great opportunity for Abby, and Alex to bond. Before Abby can ask me to be her partner, or Alex ask Sam I speak up. "I call Sam," I say. I blush at what I just blurt out. Abby raises an eyebrow at me in question.

"I guess we will be partners then," Abby says to Alex. Hopefully they get Romeo and Juliet or something else romantic. Sam and I walk over to a spot in the back, and sit down across from each other.

"So, why'd you choose me?" he asks.

"We plan to get Abby, and Alex to date," I say.

"Oh yeah, I see a connection between them," he says. The teacher walks over and gives us our scripts. We get Titanic. Dang it, it's too romantic. Abby, and Alex walk over to us.

"What did you guys get?" asks Alex.

"Titanic," I say sighing.

"What about you guys?" Sam asks.

"We got The Fault in our Stars," Abby says.

"That should be interesting," I say, giving Abby a look. She rolls her eyes in response. They walk away to practice.

"Okay, let's begin," Sam says.

"I love you Jack," I say in a very dramatic voice. 

"No...don't say your goodbyes, Rose. Don't give up. Don't do it," Sam says in an equally dramatic voice. We continue practicing this short scene two more times.

"Okay, I'm already bored," I say.

"Same," Sam replies. Then he looks at something and gets a mischievous look in his eyes. Okay now I'm scared. I was warned about his other side. He quickly grabs a marker and draws a huge line on my arm.

"Hey!" I yell in surprise. I grab another marker and draw a huge line on his cheek. We are now having a full on marker war with each other. The teacher spots us, and quickly walks over to us.

"This is unacceptable, you're supposed to be practicing. Not having marker wars!" she says angrily.

"What? This didn't happen in Titanic?" I ask smirking. Sam clasps his hand over his mouth, trying to hide his laughter. He is doing a poor job at it, because the teacher shoots him a deadly glare. No wonder Jaelyn calls me sassy all the time.

"Both of you have detention after school," the teacher says then walks away. That comment probably pushed her over the edge.

"My parents are going to be so mad at me," I say.

"That sucks," Sam replies. The bell rings, and Sam and I head over to the last class of the day. We have English together. We walk in, and Jaelyn and Jace are already there.

"What happened to you guys?" Jace ask talking about our marker covered bodies.

"We started a marker war in drama," Sam replies

"We also got detention," I say gloomily.

"Your parents are going to be so pissed. Did you back talk the teacher again?" Jaelyn says sighing.

"Yup," I say.

"Do you guys regularly get detention?" Jaelyn asks the boys.

"Yeah, almost every day. That's what's happens when you're the bad boys of the school. Didn't you guys get detention all the time too? It's like a regular thing at our school," Jace says.

"Yeah, almost every time the whole detention classroom is full," Sam says.

"Jenna does sometimes for back talking teachers but that's it. I've never gotten detention," Jaelyn replies.

"What?!" Sam and Jace shout in disbelief.

"Yeah, her parents would kill her. They are even worse than my parents. Her parents are mad at her if she gets an A-. She also has never been grounded in her life," I say. The guys stare at her in disbelief.

"Wow, you're parents are strict," Jace says.

"Yup," Jaelyn says. Then class starts. After a long class period, that Jaelyn seemed to be enjoying, school was finally over. It's the weekend! Jaelyn loves English. It's her favorite subject. I forgot I still have detention after school. Looks like I'm stuck here for another hour.

"See you at home!" Jaelyn says while waving we goodbye. I am so not looking forward to when I get home and face my parents wrath. I head over to the detention classroom. Once I'm get there I take a seat. Ten minutes later all of the boys walk in. I'm not surprised they all have detention too after what they told me.

They sat down next to me. "So I know why Sam is here, but why are you guys?" I ask.

"I shot spitballs at one of my teachers," Jace replies. I chuckle at that.

"I made an "inappropriate comment" in class," Chris says while making air quotes with his fingers.

"I started beat boxing in the middle of a test," Alex said shrugging. That is hilarious. We all sit there bored, and just messing around. After what feels like an eternity detention is over. I say goodbye to the boys, and head home.

I walk in and come face to face with some very angry parents. "Hi Mom...hi Dad," I say nervously.

"You are in big trouble young lady," Dad says.

"I know, I'm sorry," I say.

"Well we can't ground you since you live here. As punishment you have to do all the laundry while your siblings are here. Lia will watch after you. If you get in trouble another time there will be severe consequences," Mom says.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I promise I'll try to stay out of trouble," I say. I say hello to everyone.

"So I heard you got in trouble," Mason says.

"Yeah, yeah get over it," I say. I walk over to Jaelyn.

"Ready to start try number two at the plan?" she asks.

"Yup," I say. I walk over to Lia.

"Hey trouble maker," Lia says. I roll my eyes at that.

"So, you and Mason seem to be getting along," I say casually.

"Yeah, he's super funny," she says.

"Yeah, and handsome too huh?" I say nudging her arm.

"Yeah, I guess. Why are you acting so weird?" she asks suspiciously.

"I'm not," I say. Why are they all so suspicious?

"If you say so," Lia replies.

"So how is life back home? Meet any cute boys?" I ask hoping that she hasn't.

"Nope, all the same ones," she replies.

"Well you'll find someone soon, I know it," I say.

"Yeah, sure," she replies then walks away.

"Hey, Emily and Abby are coming over to meet our families," I say to Jaelyn.

"That's cool, they should sleep over, there's enough room in my room," Jaelyn says.

"Yeah, that'd be fun. I'll text them now," I say. After an hour, they arrive.

"Hey guys," Emily says.

"Hey," Jaelyn says

"Everyone this is Emily and this is Abby," I say gesturing to the girls.

"Hi," everyone replies.

"Emily, Abby this is my mom and dad. These are my brothers, Mason, and Matthew," Jaelyn says gesturing to her family.

"This is my mom and dad, and my sisters Lia and Nicole. Lastly this is my little brother Caleb," I say gesturing to my family.

"Nice to meet you guys," Abby says.

"You too," everyone replies. After a dinner, and a couple of hours of fooling around we all go to brush our teeth. Jaelyn and I only have one toothpaste container, so we all share. After we all brush our teeth I say,"Goodnight guys." Then I smile at them.

"Ahh!" Jaelyn shouts.

"What?!" I ask worriedly.

"Your teeth are green!" she replies.

"What?!" I say then look in the mirror.Sure enough my teeth are a deep green. I look closely at everyone else's teeth, they are all green too.

"Your's are too!" I say. Everyone also looks at the mirror.

"Our teeth look horrible!" Nicole says.

"Who would do this?" Matthew says.

"The boys," Jaelyn and I say. They knew Emily, and Abby were coming over too. Basically on the weekends they always sleepover.

"They are so dead," Mason says.

"This is war," Jaelyn and I say.

Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated in awhile! I hope you guys like this chapter.


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