The Boys Next Door

2 best friends, Jaelyn and Jenna move to New York , to live out their dreams together. When they move in to their new apartment, they don't know what they are in for. They find out they live next to 4 extremely obnoxious bad boys. The ones they are told to stay away from. They are your typical group of boys, there is the bad boy, the player, the funny one, and of course the "sweet" one. They soon actually become friends with them. Some might end up falling for them. Who knows? Maybe the bad boys aren't so bad after all? This is about 2 best friends journey in life.


5. The First Day of School

Jenna's POV

I start heading to third period. My head was just stuffed with some very valuable information. I don't know what would have happened, if I had made one of them angry. I am really glad we met Emily, and Abby.

So far the school day has just been a regular school day. I have met some other new friends. Now I am in last period with Jae, Emily and Abby. We all have this class together. Apparently the golden boys are supposed to have this class with us. Thank goodness they are skipping.

The teacher is out of the room, and everyone is just fooling around. Then these girls come in late. Everyone stops and stares. "Who are they?" I ask.

"They are the plastics.They are called that because they are also "perfect" like a Barbie doll. They are obsessed with the golden boys. A lot of girls in the school are scared of them," Abby says a look of disgust on her face.

"We'll warn you about them, just like we did with the golden boys," Emily says.

"Thanks," Jae says. They continue on.

"The one in the middle is the leader, like Jace. Her name is Amber Hamilton. She is the Queen B of the group. You don't want to mess with her. Also is she sees you hitting on Jace, your dead," Emily says.

Amber has shoulder length blonde curly hair. She has green eyes. She has a ton of makeup on. She is very tan. She has a very intimidating feel to her. Amber is also very short.

"Next on Amber's left is, Courtney Cadwell. She is in love with Sam. She is really air headed. She has straight F's. She'll probably get into college because, her dad is rich," Abby says.

Courtney has pale skin. She has shoulder length dark brown hair. She has green eyes, and a round face. She has full lips, and wears lighter makeup than Amber. She is also very short.

"On Ambers right is, Stephanie Dalton. She's the boy-obsessed one. She totally loves Chris. She is usually all over him. She is usually all over a lot of boys," Emily says. Stephanie has blonde long wavy hair. She has high cheekbones. She has blue eyes. She is average height.

"Last but not least, next to Stephanie is Stacy Granger. She's the gossiper of the group. She loves Alex. She gossips a lot. If you have a secret, and she finds out, seconds later the whole school will know. She has spread lots of rumors, that have caused people to transfer schools," Abby says.

Stacy has long brown wavy hair. She has brown eyes. Like Jae always says brown eyes hold secrets, and Stacy is the schools gossiper. Jae is the only one who doesn't fit that description.

"You guys will be fine, as long as you stay away from the golden boys," Emily says.

"Duly noted," We both say. The teacher comes back in. She resumes her lesson. After an hour, class is finally over. Jaelyn and I pack our bags, and head home. Boy what a first day of school.

Hope you liked this chapter. The plastics is from Mean Girls, so all rights to them. I couldn't think of another name.


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