The Boys Next Door

2 best friends, Jaelyn and Jenna move to New York , to live out their dreams together. When they move in to their new apartment, they don't know what they are in for. They find out they live next to 4 extremely obnoxious bad boys. The ones they are told to stay away from. They are your typical group of boys, there is the bad boy, the player, the funny one, and of course the "sweet" one. They soon actually become friends with them. Some might end up falling for them. Who knows? Maybe the bad boys aren't so bad after all? This is about 2 best friends journey in life.


2. Leaving home

Jaelyn's POV

I have just finished packing. I am moving to New York, with my best friend Jenna. We are going to go attend high school there together. We have always wanted to travel. We couldn't go because our parents have to work, or it's too expensive.

People always ask the same question. What? Your parents are letting you guys go alone? Our parents let us move together. They trust that we will be responsible. Jenna and I are practically sisters.

Jenna and I have known each other since birth. Our parents were all best friends since Junior high. One thing lead to another, and my parents fell in love, and so did Jenna's. That's why they trust us to live alone, because they know Jenna and I will take care of each other.

Jenna and I have always been there for each other. We know each other better than the other knows themselves. I don't know what I would do without her. To be cheesy she is my other half. We are both always so self conscious. We always encourage each other to be confident.

We are total opposites. Sure we have things in common, but it's mostly different. I have long dark brown hair and small brown eyes. I also have olive colored skin. She has short light brown hair and large green eyes. She is also tan. The only thing appearance wise we have in common is that we are both short.

I am really excited to go to New York. Jenna and I have lived in the same city, all of our lives. That's why we really want to move to New York, to have an adventure. I hear a knock on the door. "Come in!" I shout. The door opens, it is my mom.

"Are you ready sweetie? The plane leaves in an hour," she says.

"Yeah, I just finished. I am really excited and nervous at the same time. Are you sure you guys will be okay without me?" I ask. I am the only child left at home after all.

"Yeah we will be fine. We will miss you a lot, but you've been wanting this forever. As long as your happy," she says smiling at me.

"Thanks for everything," I say. I gather my things. I double check if I have everything. Then I bring my stuff downstairs. I look around my house sadly. I was actually going to miss my house. I lived in it for 16 years after all.

I walk outside to the car. I put my stuff in the trunk, and hop into the car. We start driving away. I take one last look back at my house, then it comes out of view.

After about 15 minutes, we arrive at the airport. We park the car. I get out, and grab my stuff out of the trunk. When we get to the entrance, I see Jenna waiting there with her family. "Jenna!" I shout, and engulf her into a hug.

"Jae!" She shouts back, as she hugs me back. That is her nickname for me. We pull apart from our hug. "Are you excited?" she asks.

"Yes, of course I am. Think about all the stuff we are going to experience. We are going to have so much fun!" I reply. I turn to my parents, to see their eyes getting teary. I engulf them into a big hug. I start tearing up too. "I'll miss you guys," I say sadly.

"We'll miss you too," my dad replies. I get out of the hug, and walk over to Jenna's parents, she walks to mine. I also give them a big hug. They are like my second parents.

"I'll miss you guys too," I say my voice cracking.

"We will too," they both reply. I get out of the hug. Jenna is hugging my parents. My parents are like second parents to her too. We say our last goodbyes to our parents.

"Take care of each other!" They all shout.

"We will!" Jenna and I shout back. We enter the airport. We go through the checkpoint. Then we head to where our airplane is going to take off. When we get there, we wait a few minutes before getting on.

"Are you ready for this?" Jenna asks.

"No not really, but as long as I have you by my side, I know I will be fine," I reply smiling at her.

"I feel the same way," Jenna says. I smile at her, then we give the lady our tickets. We step onto the plane, leading to our adventure.

That was the first chapter. Sorry if I made mistakes. Anyways, hope you like the book!


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