The Boys Next Door

2 best friends, Jaelyn and Jenna move to New York , to live out their dreams together. When they move in to their new apartment, they don't know what they are in for. They find out they live next to 4 extremely obnoxious bad boys. The ones they are told to stay away from. They are your typical group of boys, there is the bad boy, the player, the funny one, and of course the "sweet" one. They soon actually become friends with them. Some might end up falling for them. Who knows? Maybe the bad boys aren't so bad after all? This is about 2 best friends journey in life.


17. Late Nights

Jaelyn's POV

We spend the rest of the night brainstorming ways to get back at the boys. We come up with some pretty good ideas. We decide on breaking into their apartment in the middle of the night. They always leave their door open.

We will blast super loud music, then Jenna, Emily, Abby and I will spray silly string in to each of the boys faces. This will be fun. It will be hard to stay up though. I get dressed in all black like a burglar. I know I'm a nerd. The girls are dressed normally.

"Jaelyn this is a prank not a robbery mission," Mason says laughing at me.

"Oh shut up," I say glaring at him. We all silently head out into hallway. Nicole, and Caleb are already in bed. It is 12:00 a.m. I walk over and slowly open the door. We all tiptoe in.

"Get in you positions," Matthew says.

"When we blast the music, that is your signal," says Mason,

"Good luck girls," Lia says. Emily slowly opens the door to Chris' room and heads in. Abby does the same with Alex, and Jenna with Sam. I head to Jace's. I slowly open the door, and top toe in. He is peacefully asleep in his bed.

I quietly walk over to him. Ouch! I just hit my foot on something. Shoot, it was really loud. He starts to stir, then he grabs my arm, and pulls me to him! I am now stuck with his arms around me. What am I going to do now? Weirdly I am comfortable. Snap out of it Jaelyn you are on a mission.

In a couple of minutes music blast throughout the apartment. It's not loud enough for anyone not in the apartment to hear. Jace jolts awake, he sees me, and looks at me in surprise. I quickly spray silly string all over his face.

I quickly get out of his bed, and he stands up sleepily. I run away and he chases after me. Now everyone is in the living room. All the girls are spraying the boys. I keep on spraying Jace, and he tries to take the can away. My brothers, and Lia have now joined in. The music is still blasting very loudly.

"You guys are so dead!" Jace shouts. After all the silly string has run out, we finally calm down. Jace pulls me off to the side.

"What?" I ask.

"Why were you in my bed?" he asks.

"Oh that, I hit my foot on something. Then you grabbed my arm, and pulled me down. Then you wrapped your arms around me, and I couldn't get out," I reply. Jace actually starts blushing.

"Sorry about that," he says looking down.

"It's okay," I say. Then we head back to the others. There is silly string everywhere. We will probably be ordered to clean that up later.

"Just so you guys know we are going to get back at you guys," Chris says.

"Yeah yeah we know," I reply.

"What now?" Jenna asks.

"Well we will probably not be able to fall back asleep," Chris says.

"Yup," Alex replies.

"Let's watch a movie," Sam suggests.

"Okay," everyone says.

"Let's eat a bunch of junk food," Lia says.

"Yeah," everyone agrees. The girls all head to the kitchen to look for food. I find a box of cake mix.

"Feel like making a cake?" I ask Abby.

"Sure why not?" she says then grabs the box from me. I start making lots of popcorn. Jenna takes out ice cream, and a bunch of toppings. Emily a taking out chips, and making dip. Lia starts baking a frozen pizza. After an hour, all the food is ready.

We head into the living room. The boys have made a giant fort. There are pillows and blankets everywhere. We place the food on the table. "So what kind of movie are we watching?" I ask.

"A horror movie," Matthew replies.

"No!" Jenna and I shout at the same time.

"Why are you too scared," Jace says mockingly.

"No," I scoff. In reality Jenna and I are wimps when it comes to horror movies. More specifically Jenna hates paranormal stuff, and I hate hate hate clowns.

"Then let's get to it," Jace replies. I should probably talk to Mason about Lia. While Jenna was talking to Lia earlier, I was going to but didn't get a chance to. He was doing homework, so I didn't want to bother him.

"Hey Mason, we forgot drinks. Come help me in the kitchen," I say while heading to the kitchen.

"Okay," he replies. Once we get there. We start getting a bunch of drinks out of the fridge.

"So Mason, you and Lia seem to be getting along," I say.

"Yeah, she's cool," he replies. I am going in the exact direction that Jenna did. She told me all about her and Lia's conversation.

"She's also really pretty, and smart right?" I ask.

"Yeah I guess," he says.

"You guys have known each other for quite awhile. You guys were friends before but not as close as Jenna and I. So why are you guys talking more now!" I ask.

"I don't know, I guess the trip has brought us closer together," he replies. Then he breaks eye contact, and walks away. Dang it, why do they have to be so stubborn? Why can't they see that they are meant to be together.

I walk after him. I set down the drinks and plop down next to Jenna. Jace takes a spot next to me. Sam sits on the other side of Jenna. We start the movie. She's going to the basement with a knife. Why do they always go to the basement.

I brace myself, the guys pops up. All the girls scream really loud. I fling myself to the side, and wrap my arms around the nearest object. That object just so happens to be Jace. He looks at me in surprise. That look of surprise turn into a smirk.

I quickly take my arms off of him. Then I scoot as far away from him as I can. "Looks like you just can't keep your hands off of me," Jace says smirking.

"Oh, shut up," I say. I turn my attention back to the screen. After that horrible movie is over, we start to eat the cake.

"This is delicious!" Alex says.

"Thanks," Abby says blushing. We all nod in agreement. Half of the junk food is already gone. After we finish eating the cake, we decide to tell scary ghost stories. It is pretty fun. They aren't really scary more like funny.

"Let's go to the mall about 30 minutes from here, it's still open," Sam says.

"Yeah that'd be fun," Lia replies. We all get into Chris' very small car. We are all squished together. I am squashed in between Jace and Jenna. We all barely fit in. After 30 minutes we arrive at the mall. There are few cars here, probably mostly employees cars.

It is a tiny mall. We all get out of ten car, and head into the mall. We all branch out, and say we'll meet in food court later. I head straight to the book store. When I walk in I'm surprised to find Emily here.

"You like reading?" I ask,

"Yeah, it's only one of the best things in the world," she replies.

"Finally someone who gets me!" I say. I pick up a copy of I Am Number Four.

"Have you read that?" she asks.

"Yeah, it's only one of the best series ever!" I say mimicking what she said about reading.

"I know right!" she says. We continue looking around. I walk out with a bag full of books. I probably shouldn't have bought that many, but they were on sale. Emily also bought a bunch of books too. I just like Emily that much more now.

We meet up with the others in the food court. It's nearly empty, there's only like 4 other people here. Everyone else bought some stuff too. We all head to somewhere else. We end up going into H&M.

I walk over to a rack full of crazy clothes. "Let's mess around," I say pointing to the rack.

"Let's all get paired up, and pick the wackiest outfit for each other," Jenna says. I'm about to go to Jenna, and she's walking over to me too when Jace taps my shoulder.

"Not so fast. You're going to be my partner," Jace says.

"What if I don't want to?" I ask.

"You're my servant remember? So I order you to," Jace says. Dang it, I was hoping he forgot. He hasn't done anything in a few days. He is going to dress me in the ugliest outfit ever.

"Ugh fine, sorry Jenna," I say.

"It's okay, I'll just partner with Lia or something," she replies.

"Actually I order you to be my partner," Sam says.

"Fine," Jenna says rolling her eyes.

"Be my partner Abby?" Emily asks.

"Of course," she replies.

"Not so fast, Jaelyn I order you to convince Emily to be my partner. If you can't convince her, I'll add time to your slavery," Chris says.

"Yeah, Jenna do the same thing to Abby," Alex says. Aw he so likes her. I walk over to Emily.

"Can you please do this for me?" I say with puppy dog eyes.

"Okay fine," Emily says sighing. Yes! I feel bad for her though. She despises Chris. Jenna also convinces Abby to. I bet it wasn't that hard, considering Abby likes Alex.

"Since the number of people is odd Mason, Lia, and Matthew you guys are stuck with each other. Lia will choose an outfit for both of you guys. You guys will choose together," I say.

We all head in different directions. I am going to choose the ugliest thing ever for Jace. I spot a pair of neon orange pants, I quickly pick those up. I find a neon yellow crop top. I pick a pair of neon pink sneakers. To top it all off I pick the ugliest pair of sunglasses ever made.

I head over to the dressing rooms where we all were supposed to meet. After a few minutes everyone else arrives. We all hand off the clothes, and head into a dressing room. I hang everything up.

Okay let's see what he gave me. A huge pair of overalls, that are hideous! Then a gigantic neon green fuzzy sweater. Then neon pink high heels. Then to top it all off a huge gold chain necklace, and a sparkly blue headband.

This outfit is so ugly! I put everything on. I look in the mirror, ugh I look so ugly in this. "I am not coming out in this!" I hear Jace say.

"Well neither am I, this is so ugly!" I reply.

"I hate you Chris!" Emily shouts.

"You know you love me baby, also why did you have to pick this outfit?" Chris replies.

"What the heck Sam? I look like a ogre in this!" Jenna shouts.

"Well I look like a troll," Sam replies.

"Jaelyn I hate your brothers for making me wear this!" Lia says.

"Well Jenna I hate your sister for making me wear this!" Mason says. In truth they secretly love each other.

"I'm freaking 23, you made me look like a little girl Lia!" Matthew says.

"I thought you were nice Alex! This is the ugliest outfit in the world!" Abby says.

"I am, and the outfit you gave me is ten times worse!" Alex replies.

"Okay settle down. Let's all come out on ten count of three," I say.

"One, two, three!" everyone says. All the doors open, and everyone comes out. I come face to face with Jace. I burst out laughing. He looks so funny in neon. He also sees me, and starts laughing.

I scowl at him for laughing at me. Jenna is wearing neon yellow sweatpants, that have the words princess on the butt. She is also wearing a huge t-shirt that has my little pony on it. She is also wearing bright red sparkly heels, and a giant floppy hat.

I start laughing again, she glares at me. Then she sees me and laughs. I see everyone else's outfits and starts dying of laughter. There is a bunch of neon items, and mismatched colors. The weirdest designs and phrases. The shortest clothes for the boys, and the most unique accessories. Everyone is now laughing.

"We all look so hideous," Matthew says.

"Mission accomplished then," Mason replies.

"We all have to buy what we are wearing," I say. Everyone groans in response, we all change back and head to the cashier. Jace will probably never wear any of the clothes.

I could make use of these clothes. I could use these overalls when I am dressing casually, or need to get dirty. These heels aren't too bad. I bet Jenna could wear those pants to bed. We all walk out. We head home, it is now 4:30 a.m. 

I slowly drift off to sleep. Someone taps me on my shoulder. I make a sound in protest. "We're here," Jace says. I open my eyes. My head is on his shoulder! I quickly get up. I blush like a tomato. I avoid eye contact with him. We all head back to the apartments.

Once we get to our partners Jenna says, "Don't worry we'll clean up the mess for you guys tomorrow." I say a quick goodbye and head straight to my room. Jenna, Lia, Emily, and Abby follow after me. I collapse on my bed and fall asleep quickly.

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile again. I'll try to update weekly, but most likely it will be every two weeks. Thank you to the small amount of people who read my book. I appreciate it!


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