The Boys Next Door

2 best friends, Jaelyn and Jenna move to New York , to live out their dreams together. When they move in to their new apartment, they don't know what they are in for. They find out they live next to 4 extremely obnoxious bad boys. The ones they are told to stay away from. They are your typical group of boys, there is the bad boy, the player, the funny one, and of course the "sweet" one. They soon actually become friends with them. Some might end up falling for them. Who knows? Maybe the bad boys aren't so bad after all? This is about 2 best friends journey in life.


18. Girls Night

P.S Five and ten are characters from the I Am Number Four series. Five is fat, and a traitor.

Jenna's POV

Last night was a night to remember. I am still wearing my clothes from the night before. The outfit that Sam gave me was so hideous. At least I can wear some of the items, since we had to buy it all. I quickly change, I am wearing a white adidas t-shirt, black converse and black shorts.

We are all in the kitchen, very drowsy. Today is our parents last day here sadly. "I heard you guys had quite a night," Mom says.

"Yeah, we woke the boys up, and came home at like 5:00 am," I say.

"Did you guys get our revenge?" Caleb asks.

"Yeah, but I have a feeling this isn't the end," Jaelyn says.

"I bet you guys aren't excited for that," Nicole says.

"You guessed right," I reply.

"We should probably go clean up the boy's apartment," Jaelyn says.

"Yeah, let's head over there now," I reply. We change, then head over to their apartment. Emily and Abby are coming with us to help. The door is open, like always. The boys are still asleep. I start putting all the silly string in a trash bag.

"Oh my sweet goodness their apartment is a huge mess," Emily says.

"Oh my sweet goodness?" I say while laughing.

"What? It's a habit of mine. It just rolls of my tongue. I picked it up from a character from a book I read," Emily replies.

"I might read that," Jaelyn says.

"Nerds," I reply.

"Oh shut up," Emily and Jaelyn say. Jaelyn starts throwing away trash in the living room. Emily and Abby start pulling apart the fort, and putting the living room back together. After about an hour we finally finish cleaning. The boys come out right after.

"Hey," Alex says while yawning. He has messy hair, and is still in his pajamas. He sees that Abby is here, and his eyes widen. He then quickly goes into his room again. After all the boys change, they all come back.

"Chris got a new girlfriend, which I'm surprised about. He went a week without getting a new one," Jace says.

"Does he really get a new girlfriend that often?" Jaelyn asks.

"Yes, all the time. A new one each week, sometimes even days," Sam replies.

"Thanks for cleaning up," Alex says.

"They had to anyways," Jace says. I roll my eyes at that, he's so ungrateful. We clean his whole apartment for him, for free yet he can't even say thank you. At least Alex had the decency to say it. That is why Abby and him are meant to be together.

"He's so a five," Jaelyn says. What the heck does she mean by that? Emily starts bursting out laughing.

"What no! I am a solid ten," Jace replies.

"So you're a little girl then," Emily says.

"What the heck are you guys talking about? Aren't you talking about looks from a scale of one to ten?" Jace asks confused.

"Yeah sure," Jaelyn replies.

"Ugh whatever," Jace replies frustrated.

"Make us food, I'm hungry," Chris says.

"Fine," I reply. Jaelyn and I head to the kitchen. We start to make sandwiches for them. After we finish we hand them to the boys. They start to gobble them up in a matter of seconds. Wow they eat like pigs.

"Hey Emily babe, the offer is still up. You can still date me. I can dump the chick I'm dating just for you," Chris says winking at Emily while chewing with food in his mouth.

"Charming, I'm going to have to deny that offer of yours," Emily replies.

"Whatever babe your missing out. Just tell me when you change your mind," Chris replies.

"Yeah like that's ever going to happen," Emily replies.

"You never know babe," Chris says.

"Stop calling me babe," Emily says.

"Nah, I'm going to keep doing it since it bugs you," Chris replies. Emily grunts in frustration.

"Okay you two, enough with the bickering," Abby says.

"They are like an old married couple," Alex says.

"We are not!" Emily replies, she then hits Alex on his shoulder.

"Ow, does she always hit people?" Alex asks while rubbing his shoulder.

"Pretty much," Abby replies.

"Oh whatever," Emily replies.

"We should probably head back, we have to bring our parents to the airport," I say.

"Okay bye," Jace says.

"Are you guys staying here or heading home?" Jaelyn asks Emily and Abby.

"We should probably go home, we'll go back into your apartment and get our stuff," Abby replies.

"We'll hang out after," Emily says.

"Okay," I reply. We say goodbye to the boys and head back home. After Emily and Abby get their stuff they leave. We take our parents to the airport.

"I'll miss you guys," I say.

"We will too," Mom says.

"We'll see each other again on Thanksgiving break," Dad says. I hug them one last time, and they walk away. I also say goodbye to Mama K and Papa C. We all head home. Once we get home after an hour Emily and Abby come back.

"We have so much stuff to do in our life that we haven't done yet," I say.

"Yeah, and that was the most random thing ever," Jaelyn replies.

"You guys should create a bucketlist," Abby says.

"Yeah that's a good idea," I reply.

"Let's write it down, and we can just add more over time," Jaelyn says. We get a piece of paper, and write down a bunch of ideas.

"Maybe we should start on the part-time job one. We need the money anyways," Jaelyn says.

"Okay," I reply.

"Let's go job hunting," Jaelyn says. We all head out and start looking. After an hour we have no luck.

"Wait I forgot Cafe Khirua is hiring," Emily says.

"Yes! I love their food," I say.

"Me too!" Jaelyn replies. We start to head over there. Once we get there, there are already a bunch of people waiting for an interview. Abby and Emily order food and sit down. Jaelyn and I have our resumes and are waiting in line. Cafe Khirua is like a restaurant too. They sell food like sandwiches, salads, pasta etc. So it's like a cafe/restaurant.

"I'm nervous, I've never had a job interview before," Jaelyn says.

"Me too," I reply. We wait patiently in line. Jaelyn and I will be interviewing together in a pair. After half an hour, it is our turn. We are the last ones. We walk into the owner's office, and take a seat.

"Hey, I'm the owner. My name is Chyanne Jane but you can call me Anne," the woman says. (Chi-Ann)

"Nice to meet you," Jaelyn and I say.

"I am just going to ask you guys a few questions. First, why would you like to work here?" She asks.

"I love this place, the food is delicious. I also think it would be very fun to work here," I say.

"I also love the food, and I would love to have the experience. I would love to meet new people while at this job," Jaelyn replies.

"Great, next what is your favorite thing about this place?" Anne asks.

"I love the design of this place. The artwork on the walls are beautiful. The color, and the patterns match well," I reply.

"I love the atmosphere. Very homey and everyone seems happy here," Jaelyn says. Anne continues asking more questions like our experience, etc.

"Well thank you for your time. I also have great news, you two got the job!" Anne says.

"What? Are you serious?" I ask. She nods her head yes.

"Awesome!" Jaelyn says.

"If it isn't too much trouble, could you guys maybe start today? It is really busy today, and we need some extra hands," Anne says.

"Yeah no problem," Jaelyn and I say. She gives us our uniforms, which are just mint green aprons that say Cafe Khirua in light blue letters. We are going to learn how to use the cash register on our next shift. Then we will learn how to make certain drinks, and foods. Today we are just going to wait tables, and clean up.

I look over and see a group of people at a table. We head over, and Abby and Emily are there. This time though all our siblings, and the boys are here. "So I'm guessing you guys got the job?" Abby asks.

"Yup," I reply. Everyone already ordered and paid. Once their food is done, we bring them back to their table.

"I'm proud of you little sis," Mason says to Jaelyn.

"Thanks," she replies smiling at him.

"Same," Matthew says.

"I can't believe you got the job in the first place," Lia says.

"Gee thanks," I reply.

"Just kidding I'm proud of you too," Lia replies. We continue waiting tables, taking orders, and cleaning up. Then our shift is over, and we head home. Once we get home I get a phone call.

"Want to have a girls night?" Abby asks.

"Sure, who's coming?" I ask.

"You, Jaelyn and Emily of course. Riley, Thea, and Olivia are also coming," Abby replies.

"Cool, let me ask Jaelyn if she can come," I say.

"What's up?" Jaelyn asks.

"You up for a girls night?" I ask.

"Totally," she replies.

"We're in," I say.

"See you there. Meet at my house," Abby replies.

"Bye," I say.

"Bye," she replies then hangs up. We head over to Abby's house. Abby and Emily live next to each other. They live in actual houses, with backyards and stuff. It is a nice neighborhood.

Once we get there Abby opens the door cheerfully. We head into the kitchen and there is a bunch of junk food on the table. We all sit down and grab paper plates.

I laugh at the plates, and napkins. "You and your donuts," I say. The plates and napkins have donuts all over them.

"What? They are the most heavenly thing created on earth," Abby replies.

"You are so obsessed with them," Riley says.

"Yup," Abby replies. Once we finish eating we all head outside. We all sit on Abby's trampoline. We have a confession session. Then we crave ice cream, and head to Abby's garage to get some. She brings out a whole tub of rainbow ice cream.

We all head out and sit on the sidewalk. We open the tub of ice cream, and all use spoons and eat out of the tub. People who walk by will probably think we are weird. Just random people eating ice cream out of a tub on the sidewalk.

"Let's listen to music," Olivia says.

"I'll use my phone," I say. I know exactly what song to play. I start to play bet on it from High School Musical two.

"She's so obsessed with High School Musical," Jaelyn says.

"I am too," Thea says.

"I haven't seen it," Riley says.

"Are you serious?! You need to watch it sometime," I say. I get up, and start singing the words, and dancing.

"Ooh put on we're all in this together, I memorized the dance," Abby says. I put it on, then gesture for her to get up with me. She gets up, and we we start singing and dancing along.

"Nerds," Emily says.

"Yeah, and you call us nerds," Jaelyn says, then she fist-bumps Emily.

"Whatever," I say. After the song is over, I head to the garage to get an ice cream bar. When I get back everyone is gone. I call Jaelyn.

"Hello," she says.

"Where are you guys?" I ask annoyed.

"What are you talking about? We are in front of Abby's house," she replies.

"Haha very funny, now tell me the truth," I reply.

"I am," she replies. I hear giggling in the background. Then she hangs up on me. I walk around and look for them, then I spot them. They wave me over, they are at Emily's house of course. Once we get there Jaelyn frowns.

"I lost my spoon," she says.

"Too bad, so sad," I say then get my spoon and scoop ice cream and eat it, to shove it in her face. She glares at me, and I laugh.  We play night games in Emily's back yard. Then Riley, Thea, and Olivia have to go home early. The rest of us are having a sleepover.

"Let's play don't flinch away," Emily says.

"What's that?" Jaelyn asks.

"You stand up against a wall, then we shoot at you with a Nerf gun, and you can't flinch," Emily replies.

"Like divergent?" Jaelyn asks.

"Yes!" Emily replies.

"Okay let's play then," Abby says.

"I'll shoot the gun first," Emily says. We all go one by one. Emily accidentally hit Abby in the lip, and now she's holding it against her. It is Jaelyn's turn. She stands up against the wall.

"I'm going to suck at this," Jaelyn say. She open up my eyes wide, and then Emily shoots it. She didn't flinch! We play this over, and over again.

"We should take squad pics with weapons," Emily says.

"Yeah that'd be fun," I reply. We all start looking around Abby's garage for "weapons".

"I wish there was a bow and arrow," Jaelyn says. I find ski sticks, and use them like two samurai swords behind my back. Jaelyn has a bat, Emily has a pole, and Abby is using the Nerf gun. We all pose and take random pictures. Then we all post them on Instagram.

"This was a fun night," I say.

"Yeah it was," Abby says. We all are going to sleep in the living room. We put blankets and pillows all over the place. Then we watch Netflix and eat junk food until we all fall asleep.

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Check out the character list to see who plays Chyanne. Hope you liked this chapter!


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