Blue Eyes | muke

"If love was a person....
If love was a person, he would have your eyes."

In which Michael falls in love with the blue-eyed boy next door...


1. Blurb

Hey guys! My name is Kate, and I'm new here :) For years, I've been an active writer (@mukequality) on Wattpad, but got a little bored of my usual writing style. I wanted to experiment a little, try something new... So I joined this site today!

This story will be in third person, with quick-paced and short chapters. Everything will be very experimental. And there will be smut!! I will most likely update once a week, but when an exact day is determined, I'll let you know. It will be listed in my bio.   


Okay, hopefully, you decide to stick around for the rest of my time on Movella!


:') Enjoy, my fellow Muke shippers

(And follow me for a follow back!)


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