Enter My World...( Short Story)

Follow me on a journey of life.


1. Natalie...

Romeo and Juliet. The classic love between them was tragic in every way, you might think in the time when shakespeare ruled the theater. But now in 2015 it's the time when love story's are fading and life becomes the tragedy, you meet me. Natalie. Natalie Harps. Me being 17 can only do things on the limits. So basically I have no control of my life. Moving is un- optional. 

Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt as if nothing could hold you back and you could take over the world in one step. Yeah, but when your parents break the news to you that were broke it's pretty life changing. Me of course not wanting to be a stubborn brat made it easy on them. So day 1 packing to leave our home isn't so great. Day 2 having the longest car ride ever and you parents not telling you were you are going to lay your head is pretty stressful. Day 3.....

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