Is it really you?

Rena's little sister, Hope passed away 2 years ago but what happens when Rena sees Hope at school? And at home. And Hope keeps appearing. Is Rena going crazy or is it...something else?


2. 2

I woke up with a gasp. I was crying and on the verg of a panic attack. It was getting hard to breath. I try to breath in and out deeply. After a few minutes I'm good. I'm still crying though. I have that same dream at least once a week and I always Have the same reaction.  I guess I will never get use to reliving the seconds my world flipped. My baby sister died. I became an orphan. Yea, I am in an orphanage now. It is absolute hell.  I check my watch that I do always wear to bed and see its 5:00 am. Fuck. I'm late. Yea, most girls in ninth grade would say thats early but, my bus comes at 5:30.

"SARAPHINA!' I yell tossing a pillow at her head. She is the girl I share a room with. No, we aren't friends but she is the closest thing I got to one. She groans and turns over. So its going to be one of these mornings and Mistress Amiline will yell at us if she makes us late for the bus, AGAIN. She always does. " okay." I groan " I'm going to get ice water and its going on you if you dont at least have a hair brush in your hand when I get back." I get the plastic cup I bought from the dollar store and went down stairs.

When I got to the sink spout thing Mistress walked up to me. " why are you not even dressed,Rena? " Mistress is another person that is (usually) nice to me. " The usual. I had a bad dream, overslept and Sara won't get up." I went to put a few ice cubes in the cup and went back upstairs. To my dismay Saraphina was still in bed. I was planning on drinking the water because I am parched. Oh well. I walk over to her bed and pour it on her head and neck. Since she has long, thick hair the water will stay in her hair and on her neck.

 She stayed in bed one second before jumping up and pushing me on the floor, her then landing on top of me. "Get off of me, fat ass" "your one to talk" she responded. .I stayed quiet and she knew she hit a nerve. Did she say I am sorry or she didn't maen it? No. But, she never does. She does get off me though. Thank goodness for that. She is not fat. Quite the oppposite actually but, I am so weak and can't take it. Possibly because of my eating disorder. Yes, I have an eating disorder. I am still fat.

I dance around the room getting ready with my headphones in because Sara is only sitting on a little stool and curling her thick ass strait hair that never wants to cooperate but does eventually. After I do my makeup or what Sara calls my 'Raccoon eyes'  I throw on a band tee, skinny  jeans and an oversized sweatshirt and head downstairs and out the door to the bus stop. No, I am not waiting on Sara. Not today. She made me feel bad but I will get over it soon.

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