Is it really you?

Rena's little sister, Hope passed away 2 years ago but what happens when Rena sees Hope at school? And at home. And Hope keeps appearing. Is Rena going crazy or is it...something else?


1. *1*


"Mom, let me drive. I know I'm fourteen but, your drunk. You might wreck with little Hope in the backseat." I pleaded with Tanya, my mother.

"No, No you're to young to drive and it is against the law." she argued getting in the driver seat. I go ahead  and get in the back because it is useless to argue with her when she has her mind made up. Even when she is drunk. We leave the driveway of her friend, Janis's, house and she is speeding. Already. "Mom, can you slow down a little, alot?" I question her. She doesn't answer me but, of course she doesn't. I reach over and grab my little sisters hand and squeeze it gently to reassure her everything is going to be alright.

"Ren-Ren?" Hope ask in her low, horror coated voice. She probably had no idea what was going on but she can always sence when I'm nervous or scared. Right now im scared for our lives and nervous that we will get pulled over.


"Will you sing to me?" Hope alway wants me to sing to her when we are in stressful situations.

"Yes,baby." i assured her and started to sing a song im obsessed with at the moment.

'Hubcaps and ashtrays

i was born

but i wasnt raised

the big weel

the black space

tried my best

but wasnt-"



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