I'll See You Again

This isn't the end, Ill see you again.


1. I'll See You Again

There are words, I wish I could say,
Those words that I meant to say,
But now its a bit to late, cuz ya gone.
When did everything be so wrong.
That you were here one moment and gone the next,
It was one of those moments, nothing made sense,
I didn't understand what happened, just that it wasn't right,
How I wish you didn't lose the fight,
I wish you were here,
So why ain't you here.

There were times I shed tears,
That my pain was evident, clear.
I expressed it like anyone would have,
So painfully clear....
That my sobs could be heard from afar,
My once bright light that shined like the glow from a star,
Went dull and it finally went out,
I wish I knew,
What to do.
But that feeling of loss, it never dies,
There is always gonna be someone who breaks down and cries.

Things can change that fast, when you think,
That, that one moment was going to last.
Oh how it was meant to last.
There's nothing in the world that mattered, but when that person you love makes a smile,
When their laugh just carries on,
It plays its own song.
That simply happiness that rises in volume and completely real.
How can I express, how it is,
Exactly I feel.

When I thought this moment wouldn't happen so soon,
Even though death is irrelevant, its something we can't avoid,
And its that one thing that can make happiness cease,
When a status goes from alive to deceased,
That can make your heart break,
Its to late.
There are some things I can't take.

There are so many things I wish I could have said,
But in the end it was fate that made it impossible to do so,
But I know I will see you again someday, in the skies that greet me every morning,
Though each day I mourn,
My soul just feels torn.
But I know I wont be away from you very long,
I'll see you again, my friend.
In the end.

Distance is just a word to be heard,
Miles are just distances between us,
And they don't make it impossible,
Because with each minute, seeing your face again is possible.
Your in a better place,
Looking down, I know you can see,
As I stare right back, its still just you and me.
Its bond that stays strong, I promise,
Your still hear,
Your always near.

-Life makes bonds that are unbreakable and only get stronger with time. Just because someone isn't in eye sight doesn't mean they are gone because truth is they live on. Through memory, and love in our hearts. They will always be here. They are the angels watching over us, keeping us safe. They live through us.-

I think about the days, of laughs and fun,
On rainy days or clear skies, under the moon or scorching sun.
There wasn't a care,
That we always did share,
To worry about because life is short, that is usually cut off way to soon,
And that was all that mattered in our eyes,
Even when life got us down, we continued to try,
Because we always laughed until we cry.
It was those moments that counted the most,
Down here in the west coast.

-Tell me. When im gone, you'll remember me.-

Its been a hard road,
And gets longer,
But my heart beats a little stronger,
As I continue straight ahead.
Because I know, I will see you again, my friend,
In the end.

-I promise you, you'll always be in my heart and my thoughts. We'll always be family and that will never change.-

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