I Promised I Wouldnt Cry

Death is never the end, but its like a crash that comes unexpected, the pain is real and its one of those moments you truly wish you didn't feel.


1. I Promised I Wouldn't Cry

I never knew,
How much pain I would go through,
When losing you.
Because it felt as if I lost a part of me to.
Its something I couldn't have comprehended,
You were more to me than just a friend.
And I was not looking forward to that to end.

I Considered you a family member,
Do you remember?
The day we met, when at first we didn't see eye to eye,
Hell, we didn't even try.
But we had a connection that was strong,
And I knew being enemies was wrong.
When we could be so much more,
Than what we was before.
Do you remember when you saw me cry?
You came over with a hand on my shoulder,
You never were shy.

It was a silent action of comfort you gave,
You said, "Save the tears. It'll be okay."
I smiled and simply asked you to stay,
Even if we didn't have much to say.
I was surprised when you took a seat beside me,
You were all I could see,
When I stared at you with a smile.
Driving to that spot the day we met was worth each mile.

Who knew, that we could grow stronger,
The days seemed short, now they just get longer.
They say a bond is formed to make a great team,
And things that didn't make sense before, now, are not what they seem.
You wouldn't have even guessed we were friends at first,
That our meeting was fated to be a curse.
But we came a long way,
And I reminisce on it each day.

Because they were wrong, they wouldn't know,
Its just what they thought, so,
They don't realize how much that we fought.
They thought,
That it only tore us a part,
But then again they were never that smart,
Because it brought us together, even closer,
We gave one another closure,
And brought comfort to each other when we lost our composure.
Its that kind of connection not everyone will understand,
When, together, we make a stand.

I can't promise no tears,
Because that one moment that everyone fears,
Has finally come and its not easy, I can't smile like everything is okay,
Because it isn't,
What do you want me to say?
You left to soon, its not fair, can I take your place?
This is something I don't know how to face.
Something I don't want to,
Not without you.
And has I stare at your name written across the tombstone,
I wonder if your feeling as alone,
As I am.

I can close my eyes as the wind rushes by,
Really, im trying not to cry.
I remember that promise we made, that when this day came we would have to try,
To smile because we were alive and got to live another day.
Sadly, this will always be the saddest month of May,
But looking back and hearing what you had to say,
That life goes on either way,
Alive or dead but were never really gone,
Just listen to the lyrics of your favorite song,
And listen to its message.

I stand there, hands in my pockets, eyes to the sky.
I guess I promised you I would try,
So as I stare up at the clouds so white,
I realize, my friend, you were right.
Its no good if I lose sight,
Of what's really important, here and now,
So as I walk away, head down,
I promise I will not wear a frown.
Because I know you are watching with a smile I your own,
Happy where you are at, as you told me several times that you'll always be with me in my heart,
From the very start.
And I guess this is goodbye, I wont cry, and I will get by, I will try.

I love you, but I think you already know.

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