Silence Becomes My Legacy


1. Silence Becomes My Legacy

I am not afraid to cry.
Seems like I do it everyday.
Sometimes its easy,
Sometimes hard to bare.
Other times its a question why,
My strong facade, usually hard as stone,
Is brought down, my vulnerability is shown.
Just for an instant you can see my heart,
Because it was so well hidden at the start.
Its one of those moments,
I could not take the pain and you saw me break.
Just for a moment I was no longer strong,
And you just happened to be near.
And what you saw was now clear.

The walls so perfectly built came down like a tidal wave,
My emotions, they started to cave.
For the first time I let those tears fall.
When I was no longer capable of standing up tall.
Not when I was now on my knees,
I knew that the moment my chest constricted I was going to scream,
I hadn't noticed you standing there,
That all you could do is stare.
You didn't know what to do.
Not even when my yells turned into a broken sob,
I didn't even try to shelter the cry,
All it was, was live or die,
And I didn't care which.

That's the moment you saw the true me.
When before you were unable to see,
Just how fragile I was,
How broken I now appeared,
It was a realization you feared.
When you saw there was no life in the person in front of you,
You still, didn't know what to do.
And as my cries drifting into the air and carried through the night,
I didn't know what was wrong or right.
I no longer thought I could fight.
Or if I even should,
If I even could.

There's no going back, from the sorrow, lighting strikes a fire,
Turning it to flames of heat,
In a thunderous beat,
I'm losing the battle, im on a course of defeat,
Done with the lies and deceit,
Happiness is a dream out of reach.
There is a battle going on inside of me, a war raging,
Fire still blazing.
But I feel I have already lost to the battle of life,
See how easily skin breaks when sliced with a sharp knife.
Physical pain turns into emotional gain,
There's no other choice,
In the end, not even the angels will rejoice,
You will no longer hear my voice.

Silence becomes my legacy~

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