Broken Home

Hey mom, hey dad, when did this end? When did you lose your happiness? I'm here alone inside of this broken home


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Hey mom, hey dad when did this end? When did you lose your hapiness? I'm here alone inside of this broken home..



I had to fight to get out of bed. This depression was fucking killing me. It felt like a thousand knifes we're stabbing me, and i'm just getting out of bed. I pushed the heavy covers off me, well, it felt like they we're heavy.

" Luke, come on, you're gonna get late! " Yelled my mom at me. Where did all the hapiness go? Before, they loved eachother, but now they fight all the time.


I sat up, and looked around my messy room. Bandposters just stuck to the wall everywhere i could see. My clothes were all over the floor, along with some guitars leaning against the wall from yesterday.

I pushed my heavy body up from the warm and cozy bed, and sighed.

" This life never ends, does it? " I whispered, and let my warm feet, meet the cold wooden floor.

I dragged my body to the closet, and got some clothes out to wear. I lazily walked over to the bathroom, and fixed my blond hair into a perfect quiff.

" Luke! Come on! " Yelled dad. He sounded more angry than before.

I slowly walked down the old stairs, and looked at my dad.

" I-I'm ready.. " I stuttered. I've been scared for my dad since he hit me and mum.

" Stop stuttering! " Said him with his dark scary voice. I nodded quickly, and sighed again.





Sadly, we reached school. I don't have any friends or anything there, so it's kinda hard for me...




This was kinda short though :/ I will try to update as much as i can. 


- Kem/Kim ^^

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