Together On This Clear Night


1. Together On This Clear Night

The moon light shines over the night,
Shimmering brightly and casting down,
Such a beautiful glow,
And I know,
It'll be gone in the morning,
But for right now it seems right.
With me and you,
Together on this clear night.

Laid back on this tail gate.
We watch the clouds roll in constant movement,
Around the moon but never blocking it from sight.
And its 12 o'clock and late.
But as we stare up to a sky without one star,
The moment was meant to last and go far,
Together on this clear night.

Silence is wasted with us.
As the radio plays song after song,
Playing country, luke Bryan, play it again,
Somehow this setting isn't wrong.
I got you here in my arms,
And this feels right.
You and me.
Together on this clear night.

You're staring up with sapphire orbs,
That look brighter in the moons reflection.
You're smile is wide with each verse you sing,
I know this is my moment when I say the words,
A question followed by a diamond ring.
You're happy and unaware,
Of the present behind me that you will soon wear.
If you say yes.

My free hand falls from you're beautiful golden hair.
It's so hard not to stare.
To rest on you're shoulder, I say,
"Look at me."
You're gaze moves from one place to another,
Our eyes meeting each other.
I can't help but stare in awe,
As the simple action of tilting you're head,
And asking, "What?"
In that innocent tone.

I smile at you're purity,
You always seem to amaze me,
Because in life you are who you are meant to be.
A young women full of love and life,
Compassion and remorse,
Is all I see.
In eyes as blue as the ocean and deep as the sea.
The same ones staring at me.
I cant help but to be thankful,
For this moment.
Together on this clear night.

My hand slowly moves to rest in front of me,
You're attention going onto the small red box,
That had a blue bow resting on the top,
Its here or now,
I can't stop.
I see the moment you realize what is hidden in that small container,
And you're eyes light up more,
This is the moment you've been waiting for.

I open it with a grin,
And the ring shines as the light hits it right,
It's beauty pours out to look at you.
With gentle words, I ask,
"Will you marry me? Give me you're hand tonight?"
I know when my question hits home,
Because you're eyes start to water,
As the tears form until they fall,
And I wouldn't trade this moment for anything at all.
And as you shake you're head and let out a sob,
You're answer was all I needed when you took my hand and said,
"Yes. I will. I love you."

I could feel my own tears as I grabbed you in my embrace,
No longer able to see the tears that rolled down you're face.
Of happiness and a future you hoped for,
You 're soul it raged and soared.
Risen up by one simple question.
I wont let go,
And here's me hoping you know,
That it was perfect.
Because there was no other time as this,
That could feel so right.
When we hold each other tight,
We are together.
On this clear night.

I could not ask for a happier ending.

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