Love Never Dies

It stays....forever, until it learns to love someone else


1. Love Never Dies

It is a struggle, living in this life, so hard and long,
Decisions to make, path's to choose, does it feel right? Does it feel wrong?
Choosing that direction, the only one in sight,
Will it lead you towards darkness or will it shield you in light?

You're not sure because nothing seems like it should be.
And everything that you see,
Does not appear true or real,
You're not sure how to feel.
When you're not sure where you stand,
When you do not understand.

Except you are hurting and in pain,
From the aftermath left behind, the destruction left in its wake.
Sorrow is what it makes.
Laughs replaced with dried tears,
The feeling of safe becomes fears.

Happiness is but a word,
Once was used to being heard,
Is now a whisper growing faint,
Buried underneath the black,
No way of coming back.

There is no happy ending or smiles,
But a broken heart left to beat out of tune,
Snapped in half and taken for granted to soon.
Left to beat- in a world with no success and only defeat.
Never mending, never to be the same,
Missing a note everytime it here's his\her name.

The mind can easily push aside the love that will always stay,
But that feeling of compassion and undying-love will never go away,
Because the heart never will forget,
When you met them and said you'll always love them,
And not once were those words something you regret.

Because love never dies.

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