My Brothers Best Friend (on hold)

Hi I'm Lucinda Payne and if your wondering yes Liam Payne's younger sister


7. Chapter 6

Louis P.O.V

I was furious when Zayn hit Lucinda. I went up to Zayn and Lucinda first I punched Zayn then I went over to Lucinda and brought her into the kitchen.

Lucinda's P.O.V

When Louis led me into the kitchen we heard the noises you hear when someone is beating the shit out of someone so I'm guessing Liam is beating up Zayn for you know what. Louis asked what I want to do. I said I want to go lay down for multiple reasons. First, I have a headache Second, my back is in pain so yeah. I should really check the date I mean it could be close to someone's birthday for all I know. Fuck it's the 14th of December and 10 days till Louis birthday. Did I even tell you when my birthday is? Well it's February 16th. Shit I have to go shopping I should go now.


Hey Everybody how are you doing? I have been busy with life so i might not update sometimes


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