My Brothers Best Friend (on hold)

Hi I'm Lucinda Payne and if your wondering yes Liam Payne's younger sister


6. chapter 5

Lucinda's P.O.V

I was knocked out of my thoughts when Zayn knocked harder. I ran upstairs and called Louis when I was balling my eyes out. Of course he picked up first ring.

Louis P.O.V

My phone rang and I answered it right away to hear a bawling Lucinda I asked her what was wrong all she said is Zayn is back and he is at their house. I said what the fuck and told her we are coming back right now because of what happened before.

Lucinda's P.O.V

Seconds after my phone call ended with Louis the door broke down. I heard someone scream Lucinda and already I could tell it was Zayn. Another car pulled in the driveway and it was Liam's and then my bedroom door broke down and Zayn was standing there with a leather belt. He came closer I tried to back up but he grabbed my hand and started leading me downstairs but I saw Liam and Louis in the kitchen. They came out when Zayn hit me once in the back really really hard.

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