My Brothers Best Friend (on hold)

Hi I'm Lucinda Payne and if your wondering yes Liam Payne's younger sister


5. chapter 4

Lucinda's P.O.V

After Niall left Louis and Liam wanted to talk to me. The first question the asked was how the fuck he found our house. Then they wanted to know did Niall ask me out and of course I told them the truth so I said yes. Louis stiffened next to me while Liam grew angry. I asked what was Niall's punishment they said another beating and I tried saying no but they already left so I sat there in guilt thinking Niall's punishment will be my fault.

Louis P.O.V

We were on our way out the door and we heard Lucinda scream this is all my fault. I felt bad for her but if my old crush asked me out and she found out she would be doing the same fucking thing. Right now I wish all this was just a dream I mean except the part of dating Lucinda. I wish Niall didn't ask her out I will feel so guilty about this. We finally arrived here after a hour and a half I already wish Niall's beating was over.

Lucinda's P.O.V

I was about to make dinner for when the boys come home but someone knocked on the door I went to open the door except I saw someone I never wanted to see again Zayn Malik.


I was heading to class until I got a text from my friend Zayn. He said skip 4th period and meet him in the courtyard when I got out there Zayn had a mad look on his face. He said get over here now I remember walking over there and started to get beat finally Liam and Louis came out when Zayn was beating me and Liam knocked him out and Louis caught me and told me to hold on the next thing I know I blacked out.

Flashback over


I know I am writing short chapters but oh well. Tell me if you like the story or not.


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