Dragon Girl

Hello, I'm Haley Ling, I'm 17 yrs-old, and I'm a kid that has been abandoned by their parents when I was only 3 yrs-old. There's a guy who I fallen in love with and gotten to know him but I never knew what would he become in the future. But my uncle is the who took me in but I usually called him father or dad well cause he wasthe only one who took me under his wing.


5. The inner monster

Jason saw the girl of his dream or so he thought, when he tried to hold me, but I started backing up then my father was between us, he stopped Jason before he could hug me. I went to my father's side when he saw his only child that growing up from a child into a young woman who able to move out of the den. He moved away from Jason but I decided to leave with my father, before we could lift up off the ground, he said "stay with me, don't leave me alone, I want to make you happy, please," I smiled and we fled quickly as possible. Its been three weeks since the incident, Jason was acting very different than his usual self, but the girls saw that he was sleeping and he looked like he hadn't gotten any sleep. The principal came in the classroom and saw I was absent, so he decided to introduce a new student, a girl who looked almost like me but different, she was super cheerful and the guys were amazed that she was adorable, Jason didn't know that she came up to him until she asked "is this seat taken?" He answered "yes, so how about letting me sleep," when he looked at her and saw she was looked exactly as me and thought she was my twin. 

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