Dragon Girl

Hello, I'm Haley Ling, I'm 17 yrs-old, and I'm a kid that has been abandoned by their parents when I was only 3 yrs-old. There's a guy who I fallen in love with and gotten to know him but I never knew what would he become in the future. But my uncle is the who took me in but I usually called him father or dad well cause he wasthe only one who took me under his wing.


2. My year

It was the year where I start to be a little bit more quieter and less active since it was the year of the Dragon, everyone always knew that every year when it comes to be the year of the Dragon, it was very different for me, when the guy saw me, he was little curious about me. Then one of the girls asked "Jason, would you like to come to a party?" Jason was pleased about her invitation so he asked "why is that girl dressed like that?" She looked at me then answered "that's right, you're still new, ok Haley is weird when it comes to the year of the dragon, I believe she was born in the year of the Dragon, I really don't know much about her, why do you ask?" Jason looked at me but saw that there was something on my neck, which it was hard for him to make it out. The people who were born in the year of the Dragon, were happy and challenging themselves but for me it was the other way around, to the point where I'm very quiet and less active and dress very mysterious and creepier.  

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