Dragon Girl

Hello, I'm Haley Ling, I'm 17 yrs-old, and I'm a kid that has been abandoned by their parents when I was only 3 yrs-old. There's a guy who I fallen in love with and gotten to know him but I never knew what would he become in the future. But my uncle is the who took me in but I usually called him father or dad well cause he wasthe only one who took me under his wing.


4. My fear

My fear was taking over me, I tried breath but I started to running up the stairs which lead to the rooftop, Jason went after me but when he reached to the door that leads to the rooftop, he saw the first girl who ran away from him and cried, I picked up my head and saw him. I saw him right there, right in front of me, I wanted to run away but I couldn't, I frozed then he said "its ok, I won't hurt you, I just wanna know about you please," I looked at his face but I couldn't let him see the monster that's within me, he touched my cheek and that's when everything went wrong. He was second person who saw my inner monster, I thought he was freak out but it seems that he didn't looked like he was freaking out, the girl that he saw was a cute girl that was being protected by a dragon.  

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