Dragon Girl

Hello, I'm Haley Ling, I'm 17 yrs-old, and I'm a kid that has been abandoned by their parents when I was only 3 yrs-old. There's a guy who I fallen in love with and gotten to know him but I never knew what would he become in the future. But my uncle is the who took me in but I usually called him father or dad well cause he wasthe only one who took me under his wing.


3. Jason tryings

Jason asked one of the teacher about me but they wouldn't tell him or they would tell him to ask me himself. Which he did, he came up to me and said "hey," I looked at him then answered with a question "hey, what do you want?" I asked with irritation in my voice, then he answered "that's kind of harsh, but how come you're dress like that?" I looked at him then left to the rooftop before I could get away from him, he pulled off my hoodie, I can covered my face before anyone could see me then I just left, I ran away from everyone like I've done in the past. Was I was afraid of what people would see me as a monster instead of a person?  

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