Dragon Girl

Hello, I'm Haley Ling, I'm 17 yrs-old, and I'm a kid that has been abandoned by their parents when I was only 3 yrs-old. There's a guy who I fallen in love with and gotten to know him but I never knew what would he become in the future. But my uncle is the who took me in but I usually called him father or dad well cause he wasthe only one who took me under his wing.


6. Her childish acts

The way she looked at Jason, he had a feeling like he met her before, when the class president came and asked Jason "Aren't you hungry?" Jason looked at the class president and said "yea, but do you know where Haley went?" He had a look that amused him but then he answered with curiosity "Haley would always do this every year, I don't know where she is but its always hit me with wonder, where she could've gone," the end of the day, the class president gave him my address, so he went to my house and knocked on the door repeatedly, I gotten up from bed and answered it, when I opened it, I looked at Jason and asked "Whats up?" He looked at me but couldnt understand why until I saw myself dress in a bathing suit, I started freaking out but Jason was actually cute when he was blushing, so I invited him in.  

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