James Sirius and Rose Weasley <3

Harry's son and Ron's daughter meet at the age of 7. They slowly develop a romance. But what happens when James catches Rose kissing Scorpius?


1. 7 years old

It all started when James Sirius and the Potters came over to our house for dinner. James and I were only seven, but as Mum said later, after they had left and I was getting tucked into bed, "You and James really hit it off." I said "Ok Mum, good night."

She turned out my light with a click, and left the room. I thought to myself, "What if James likes me, like Mum said?"

I remember a story Mum had told me when I was about 5. She told me that her and Dad had gone on a camping trip at 17. They were just friends, but after the battle, they started dating. She cried when she mentioned the battle. I'm not sure why.


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