Leave Me Nameless

When they met, he was enchanted. She forgot him in 5 minutes. He couldn't stop thinking about her for 5 months. When a rumor brings them together, he discoveres that she may not be the princess he thought she was.


19. Tristan's Side: The Message

Nothing changed for a few months. Penny joined co-op and Monday classes making friends with all the annoying girls I can't stand. So of course I started making friends with Lily, Taylor, and Hallie. They were going to my ticket to hanging around Penny more. I asked her to dance recently and she told me a story about how she used to do soccer and the only goal she ever scored was in the wrong net. We both laughed pretty hard. Penny hates most sports. I also asked there to dance on New Years Eve. Maybe that's what changed my changes my luck because a few weeks later she emailed me! I couldn't believe it, what should I say? I decided to ask how she got it, there was no way she knew about me liking her. But what if that killed the conversation? I used her email to send her a text and things have been looking up ever since. We talk nonstop everyday. My family loves to tease me about it, but I'd take that over Penny not knowing I exist any day. Then in the summer, I got up the courage to admit how much I loved I loved talking to her. I'd been wanting to take her to the stream nearby for a long time and now she was cleaning all day since she was moving 40 minutes away up by Cole. That's when she said, "you know, for a girl stuck at home doing chores all day, you sure know how to make her feel like a princess." That's when I knew, Penny liked me. And she knew I liked her. Why did she have to move now of all times? 

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