Leave Me Nameless

When they met, he was enchanted. She forgot him in 5 minutes. He couldn't stop thinking about her for 5 months. When a rumor brings them together, he discoveres that she may not be the princess he thought she was.


20. Texts

Me: alrighty then, should I tell it fairy tale, normal, or quick summery? 

Tristan: I like the fairy tale version, then I can be your prince again

Me: once upon a time, far off in a distant land, where strangers run and all strange things hide, there lived a handsome prince. Who ruled the land with his charm and humor, loved by all, but the past kings and queens who deeded the day the prince would take full charge of the kingdom. As the kingdom grew, a servant girl found her way into the princes kingdom, spending her time among the servants, and never around the nobles of the kingdom, especially the prince. That would be unheard of by anyone you ask. As the year came closer to the warmth of summer the servant girl and prince became friends, to the confusion of the other servants who all tried to persuade her to keep away from the prince. For though he may be handsome, he would be nothing but trouble. Despite the warnings she made friends with him and the other servants called her crazy. When summer was nearly union them, they met at the kingdom as they did every week, but today was different. It would go down in history, and they would be remembered. Never again would someone question their friendship. 

Tristan: I think I know where this is going but I'll wait till the end of the story😉

Me: work began and all was as it always was but at lunch break the servant girl could hardly contain her excitement. She ate quickly and waited for a servant of higher rank to return with word of the prince. When the servant returned she kept the servant girl from leaving, insisting the prince was a childish boy not to be meddled with. Just then the door opened and the prince walked in stopping her heart. She ran to him but was ordered away and the prince's bride to be came to take him away from her. She held her breath, the future bride didn't approve of her feeling towards the prince. Time was running out, so much that there was non left. So she made time. 

Tristan: if it helps, I think we became a little more than friends that day. I'm gonna guess the bride to be is Hallie?

Me: the prince began to leave. Her heart was running away from her, this would either be her best decision or a terrible mistake. She ran after him. The queen's anger flooded over her as the lords and ladies cheered at her bravery. Then the prince was taken way and the servant was locked away in a tower. But all the people, servants, lords, ladies, and prince have remembered that day forever.  

Tristan: I like it

Me: (p.s. The prince returned and no longer had the bride to be to the servant girl's delight) okay, now it's over 

Tristan: 😂 Lucky you then 


Me: I mean a servant girl and prince, anything that happens will be the next best thing since Cinderella 

Tristan: well this prince is going to have his princess

Me: let's see, it depends on if he can catch her when she tries to run away 

Tristan: he can do more than catch her, he's going to pick her up and sweep her off her feet


Tristan: ha! I don't even know why you fell for me, you had a lot of choices but I'm glad you chose me 

Me: humor, charm, handsome, why wouldn't I?

Tristan: well I mean, not many people are, but you are way out of my league, I guess it goes both ways, I could have chosen anyone, but I chose you


Tristan: my mom said your mom called her and asked her to have dinner and 'talk about the relationship that's starting to grow' ......and my mom said, 'we can talk when he marries her'


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