Leave Me Nameless

When they met, he was enchanted. She forgot him in 5 minutes. He couldn't stop thinking about her for 5 months. When a rumor brings them together, he discoveres that she may not be the princess he thought she was.


15. Texts

Me: you're noticed more than you think 

Tristan: same goes for you 

Me: are you going to the party tomorrow? 

Tristan: depends.... Are you going?

Me: absolutely, wouldn't miss it 

Tristan: then I'll be there. 


Me: still better than William's input on everything

Tristan: you rolled your eyes, looked down and laughed, it was the best. 'Stop talking to your boyfriend!' 'I don't have a boyfriend' 'yes you do, you said so' guess I'm talked about more than I thought 

Me: I mean... I mention you... Occasionally, maybe.... But I never said the boyfriend thing

Tristan: ha! There it is! I knew it! you do talk about me. 


Lizzy: yeah, Penny face timed Tristan yesterday!

mom: ooooo what did you talk about?

me: does it matter? 

Mom: yes! 


Tristan: the life of a prince, I'm sorry

me: I wouldn't understand 

Tristan: of course you would, you're still my princess

me: only at the dance, that's the only time magic works 

Tristan: I really need to see you. Like soon. I think I'm having a withdrawal.... Ha, like water I need you but too much and I might get hurt..... 


Tristan: pretty please? On top of bubble gum ice cream? Like pretty as you please? 

Me: I'd have to, otherwise I'd probably be doomed to clean endless hours without looking forward to seeing you

Tristan: and where would my princess be without her prince? 

Me: alone in an empty tower.... 

Tristan: I'd never let that happen. 

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