Leave Me Nameless

When they met, he was enchanted. She forgot him in 5 minutes. He couldn't stop thinking about her for 5 months. When a rumor brings them together, he discoveres that she may not be the princess he thought she was.


27. September 2, 2014 Tuesday

Well I better give an update on my week. Dad has changed the deal we once had. Now, if I don't kiss a boy till I'm 16, I'll get $100, plus, if I wait till I'm 18, I'll also get $500 more. I think this is his way of saying, "Tristan better not be your first kiss." I would still kiss him anyway, but then my uncles came into town and each one took me aside and had a talk about how your first kiss is the one you remember forever and you don't want to waist it. Now that my pride and reputation are on the line, I don't know if I could kiss Tristan.... it would be pinned on my record forever and I'd have to live with the endless and merciless teasing that my family is so famous for. On a different note, the start of school pool party was this week. It's always at a mom's house, and we all sign the school contract. It's a pretty fun way to do it. Later at the pool party, Cole wanted my iPod to see what time it was. 

Me: The time is on the microwave

Cole: But that time isn't right.

Me: Ask Christian, he's sitting right there.

Cole: I don't want to go inside, I'm all wet.

Rolling my eyes and went and got my iPod, then showed him the time without letting go of the device. He held part of it and then started trying to take it from me. We had a short tug of war over it for a few minutes and then at last I gave in and let go. He took about 50 selfies that I'll delete later, and then Tristan walked in. 

Cole: Hey Tristan, look!

He held up the iPod triumphantly and I tried to take it, chasing him around the island. Cole handed it to Christian who I then began to chase but he tried and fell. I was caught off guard and stopped to see if he was hurt. Then he smiled, and using his fall as a distraction, tossed the iPod to Tristan. I stood up and began walking towards him, but he slipped the iPod into his pocket. A playful and daring expression I was familiar with emerged. He backed up and stepped outside. 

Cole: Jump in the pool!

Tristan: That's a great idea! 

Tristan began running toward the pool, taking off his shirt as he went. In a rush of panic and horror, I ran after him. There was no way he's really do it. Then he jumped onto the first step and I froze. Water was up to his knees. How close was my iPod right now to the water? Two feet at most? He glanced at me, then fell over into the water. I let out a shriek and ran to the water's edge, horrified. Tristan appeared wet and laughed a few seconds later.

Tristan: You should have seen your face! 

I was stunned, how could he be laughing. The other boys were laughing at me too, and people were starting to walk over to see what had happened. Tristan threw my iPod to the pools edge and I tried to catch it. If water didn't ruin it, then hitting the cement definitely would. But then I missed, and the iPod landed screen up. That's when I noticed it was empty, it was just the case! He had jumped into the pool with the case, Christian must still have the actual iPod. Tristan laughed harder as I processed what had happened. I still didn't get my iPod back, and at the end of the party my mom confronted Tristan and made him return it which was embarrassing. When I got it back at last, it was disabled for an hour. Boys. 

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