Leave Me Nameless

When they met, he was enchanted. She forgot him in 5 minutes. He couldn't stop thinking about her for 5 months. When a rumor brings them together, he discoveres that she may not be the princess he thought she was.


11. June 17th, 2014 Tuesday

Something terrible has happened! We're moving next month! How could this happen? I finally have friends, I have Tristan..... Okay, yes... I like him.... But now I'll be 45 minutes away instead of walking distance from him. I know I shouldn't complain, things could be worse.... But I can't help it. Now the only time I'll ever see him is at co-op twice a week and a dance now and then. 


Tristan: you're making it really hard you know.... I can honestly say I'll miss you when you move..... 

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