Leave Me Nameless

When they met, he was enchanted. She forgot him in 5 minutes. He couldn't stop thinking about her for 5 months. When a rumor brings them together, he discoveres that she may not be the princess he thought she was.


7. Friday June 6th, 2014

Oh my goodness where to start it's been forever. Well first, our family went to Disneyland! I was super excited since the trip had been cancelled and rescheduled three or four times since Christmas. It was early May when we went. So we drove all the way up there, about an hour and a half drive. It wasn't bad since we watched Frozen, but then we hit traffic and the DVD player died. So we played name that Weird Al song. And I won! I shouldn't be proud of that but I am. So anyway.... We made it to our hotel and hit problem #1. We weren't on the hotel list for some reason so for about 45 minutes we all wait around while Dad gets it all figured out. We go upstairs to our hotel room and run into problem #2.  Mom forgot the tickets and we have a freak out. Luckly we print them off from her email and its all good. Oh my goodness! I just realized that was problem #3. The way up here Jake threw up. Not good. Anyways, so mom left to get pizza somewhere 45 minutes away since it would taste better but by then we were all starving and willing to eat practically anything. I was in the hotel room bored, wishing I had wifi to talk to my friends. Okay, next morning we woke up at 5a.m., skipped the free breakfast at the hotel and went to Disneyland. When it opens at 7a.m. (We got there at 6:30a.m.) Turns out its the parking garage that opens at 7, the park opens at 9. Problem #4, we're stuck in this parking garage and can't leave. We finally get into the park with our car in one of the best parking spots in all of Disneyland. We get to ride on the tram and ride to Disneyland to wait for the gates to open, when we hit problem #5. No joke, mom forgot the tickets in the hotel room. She has to go all the way back and we lose our great parking spot. 9 o'clock comes and goes and mom isn't here. Problem #6, she got lost. When she finally comes we've gotten Jamba Juice, and things are starting to look better. Dad takes the boys, Mom takes the girls. We ride space mountain and life is good. Things are perfect (except the heart) until around like, 7 p.m.ish. Dad, Lizzy, and I go to meet Mom and some lady tells us she went inside a nearby building. Julie was feeling sick around 2 p.m. so me and Mom had taken her to that building to feel better. I memorized it inside and out after spending so much time there. Problem #6, we find them, Julie is asleep, and dad leaves with the boys, then the problem happens. Julie wakes up and throws up. I feel so bed for her, humiliated and feeling so sick.  Lizzy and I go find help. Then after a long search, we get help and mom takes Julie and the boys back to the hotel. Problem #7, I had forgotten my good park shoes so I had been walking aorund in flats all day and my feet were killing me. I traded with Mom and she had to walk out of the park in those as she gave William a piggy back ride, and pushed Julie in the stroller. Dad, Lizzy and I went to get dinner and wandered around waiting for our fast passes to work. We were going to need to wait till 11 p.m. By 10, splash mountain had broken down, so we rode the winnie the pooh ride (Scariest thing ever) and visited Great moments with Abraham Lincoln. I was falling asleep through it and so were Lizzy and Dad. We were all starting to get headaches so we decidedto just go back to the hotel. For some reason, the overall trip was still fun. But my feet sure did hurt the next day. 

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