Leave Me Nameless

When they met, he was enchanted. She forgot him in 5 minutes. He couldn't stop thinking about her for 5 months. When a rumor brings them together, he discoveres that she may not be the princess he thought she was.


26. August 24th, 2014 Sunday

Hands down, the dance last night topped the one last week. So early in the dance, a slow song came on and Taylor danced with Tristan. She's in on everything now and apparently her and Tristan are best friends. I'm not sure how I feel about that one.... but at least she's helping us. When the song ended she told me that I needed to meet him in room 12 at 9:15. When the time came, chaperons were everywhere blocking the exists and there was no way out. On the next slow song I danced with Tristan and we decided that he would distract a chaperon while I left. Then he would follow. The next slow song came and as I was making my way to the door, Tristan's friend Arthur asked me to dance. I never turn down a dance no matter what so I danced with him. Turns out Tristan had been busy anyways. The next slow song, I danced with Tristan again while Brittney and her older sister made hearts around us. At the end we hugged for a long time and then decided that since everyone clearly knew about our feelings for each other we could do whatever. So he held my hand and went and sat down. He put his arm around me and then Christian came over and took a picture of us. Finally when we got him to leave, Arthur came over.... 

Arthur: Hey guys!!! 

Tristan: Arthur, go away

Arthur: No

Tristan: I saw you dancing with Abby, if you do that again we can't be friends, I can't stand her. And you did it right in front of her dad.

Arthur: Well what about Penny? Maybe I can't stand her, (Whispers to me: just kidding, I'm totally fine with you) I can't stand her Tristan!

Tristan: I can live with that

Taylor: Hey guys! Who's third wheeling?

Arthur: Oh, I am! I am! I'm the third wheel, right here! 

Then Tristan jumped up and chased Arthur away while Taylor started to drag me off. Literally. Tristan followed us but while he was gone, Taylor spilled the beans about what Tristan's original plan had been. If we had gone into room 12, he had a special playlist made that we were going to dance to the rest of the night, alone together. It sounded awfully romantic and I was sad we missed it. Earlier that night his iPod had been stolen and he was still searching for it. the last slow song of the night, Tristan asked me to dance again. It was wonderful, all the lights, the slow music, the world melted away when I was with him and everything was perfect. 

Tristan: You know I have a strict rule that I can't dance with a girl more than two times, but I'm going to make an exception. 

Me: I thought your rule was not dancing with someone more than once

Tristan: Well it was, but I had to change that when I met you

Me: Oh really?

Tristan: Yeah, well the lights are really pretty

I turned to look at them and he kissed me cheek again. I quickly looked back at him and my face burned bright red with pleasant surprise. He pulled me closer so he has holding me more than we were dancing. 

Tristan: You know blue is my favorite color (I was wearing blue) and you look gorgeous tonight.

The music stopped but I didn't want it to end, and I knew he didn't either. Tristan held me more tightly.

Tristan: Just close your eyes, it makes everyone disappear.

I did, and he was right.

Tristan: Have I ever told you how perfect you are?

Me: Haha no...

Tristan: Well I just did

Arthur: Hey guys that's enough!

He ran over and pulled us apart, then stood in-between us holding out his arms.

Arthur: Stay back!

Then we had to go our separate ways. But I loved the way he stared at me longingly as Arthur pulled him out of the gym. At last I went to get my things and headed outside to look for my ride. Taylor walked me out and then said goodbye and left me to stand alone. Then Tristan came running back over, out of breath saying him Mom was willing to let him say an official goodbye. We hugged for awhile but then my mom pulled up and Arthur came back to break us up. Then the magic of the night was really over. I wonder what Hallie will think when she comes back from dance camp next week. She's been gone all summer and still doesn't know what's happened between Tristan and I. I have a feeling she isn't going to like it, but hopefully this won't start any trouble. 

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