Dragons V.S. unicorns

it is about a dragon and a unicorn.


1. Were it all began...

This one rare unicorn was so colorful and powerful that it could blind you and the unicorn could kill you. Jack is so kind and lovable but when you get on is bad side he could kill you with one single hit.Okay enough about Jack lets talk about drake the dragon he is the most evilest dragon on earth! And only reason I said that is because that is true.Okay this is how it all started an war between dragons and unicorns...


It all started on October 23, 1818. There was this little girl wondering through the woods and she found this beautiful unicorn that stand ed 10 feet tall and it was the most beautiful thing she ever seen in forever! So she got close to the unicorn and she got to touch it but it scooted back a couple feet away from her. But finally she got on him and he started to fly. Then finally he stop and she got off and lead her to her cave. 



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