Order of Were

Adam Zhou is a young man of 18, he just recently turned that age and now his friend Gary is excited. Adam is now at the correct age to show his true form, to show just how lunar reactive he is...


3. Compound

The next morning, Adam woke to the sound of someone banging on his door.

"Hey, ya lazy bum, wake up!"

They banged again, Adam recognized it as Gary. He got up and opened the door, Gary stood there, they were both still in their pajamas. Adam in his plaid pajamas and Gary in his hamster-print pajamas. Gary had returned to his human self, Adam noticed that he had as well.

"Time for breakfast, Adam, you don't have to get dressed for it... though, some people take that too literally..." Gary said grimly, Adam laughed. "Well, what is a good morning without seeing some butts."

Adam laughed and walked out into the hall with Gary. The hallway was completely empty, the clock in the hallway read 7:14 AM on it's blue digital display.

"Why is breakfast served so early?" Adam asked sluggishly, Gary rolled his eyes.

"So people like you will wake up at a decent hour," Gary replied. "Follow me, again."

Gary walked down the hall towards the cafeteria, Adam followed quickly behind him.

"You know, last time I followed you, I ended up on a stage in front of hundreds of people."

"I can guarantee that won't happen this time, now come on," Gary said, picking up his pace.

They continued walking until the reached the grey doors of the cafeteria. They were the same color as the walls so they kind of blended in. It was becoming hard for Adam to make out the doors from the wall, he suddenly felt like the room was spinning. He saw the ground quickly approaching him but was stopped from hitting it quickly.

"Woah there, it's okay, the first few times cause some dizziness," Gary said. He propped Adam up and helped him regain his bearings.

"Let's go eat breakfast, it'll make you feel better," Gary said, Adam used his hands to balance himself.

Gary held onto Adam's shoulder to make sure he didn't fall again, they walked into the cafeteria and sat down.

"I'll go get your food, it's eggs, bacon, and hash browns, Bas's specialty," Adam nodded and he walked away. Adam placed his hand on his forehead, he felt a headache coming on. If he ate, it would probably go away.

Gary came back a few moments later with two trays of food.

"Here, Adam, eat and get your strength back," Gary said, placing the tray down. "Turning causes us to burn a lot of calories so it'll help that pudge." 

Gary poked Adam in the chest, Adam batted his hand away.

Adam picked up a plastic fork and knife from the tray and sliced up an egg. It smelled fantastic, he stabbed a piece and took a bite, it was heavenly.

"Wow, Bas really is an amazing cook."

"That's why Painite hired him, Bas used to be a destitute homeless man."

"Really now?"

"Yeah, Painite sensed his potential lunar reactivity and brought him in. His original name is Lucas, by the way," Gary said, starting to eat as well.

"Painite is a really nice guy."

"Yea, just don't get on his bad side, he can be... hostile at times," Gary said with a mouth full of hash browns. 

"I'll try not to," Adam said, continuing to eat.

They both ate quickly, Adam hadn't realized how hungry he was. Murmuring from other people throughout the cafeteria drowned out Adam's thoughts. He had started thinking about his family, they might miss him but he had already convinced himself that they wouldn't. It was easier that way, plus, they had nearly kicked him out when they found out his secrets. 

While Adam was thinking, Gary began to talk and snapped him back to reality.

"Adam, slow down, you're gonna give yourself a stomach ache," Adam hadn't noticed how quickly he was eating, his plate was empty now and he felt horribly gorged.

"Sorry, I was just thinking."

"What about?"

"My family," Adam said, sadly.

"Those dumb-asses are the reason why I brought you here. When I sensed your lunar reactivity, I took a strong interest in keeping you safe. When they found out our secret, I made sure to get you out of there."

"Thanks for that, Gary, I really appreciate your kindness," Adam said, looking down at his food.

"No problem, it honestly just gave me an excuse to get you to come to the Compound," they both laughed.

"Well thanks, I'm really glad you got me out of there when you did, I could've been killed had I stayed on the streets."

"It's no problem, I'm always happy to help," Gary said with a smile, his mouth covered in bits of food. Adam laughed,

"Are you ready to go, dork?" 


Gary stood up and took both his and Adam's tray

"You don't have to take my tray..." Adam said,

"I just thought you might still be light-headed"

"It passed once I started eating"

"Good, glad you're okay,"

Gary continued walking with the trays in his hands to Lucas, Adam followed.

"Hey Lucas!" Adam said, Lucas stirred, he looked really sleepy. 

"Hey, Adam, did you like the meal?"

"One of the best things I've ever eaten." Adam said, with a sly smile.

"Wonderful," Lucas said, smiling back. Even without being transformed, Lucas had enough body hair to look the same either way. 

"I was wondering something though, the bacon tasted slightly odd, what kind of bacon is it?" Gary asked, Lucas shrugged.

"Hell if I know, Painite gets the meat from some undisclosed source. He says it's fine, I trust him, I just cook what he gives me."

"That's rather interesting," Adam said, intrigued. 

"Yea, I rarely question it, I mean, meat is meat," Lucas said.

"I agree," Adam said, stifling a smile. 

"Get your mind out of the gutter," Gary said, punching him in the shoulder.

"Sorry, sorry, I'll see ya later, Bas!" Adam said, they both walked away to the hallway once more. 

"See ya, Adam, talk to me anytime," Lucas said as they left.

Gary and Adam entered the hallway which was empty as usual.

"Hey, I'm gonna go back to my room," Adam said.

"Oh sure, by the by, I can swing by your house and get the rest of your possessions. I have a key," 

"When did they give you a key?" Adam asked, puzzled.

"They didn't," Gary winked.

"Oh... well good luck with that, try not to get shot or arrested," Adam said.

"I won't, I won't," Gary said, giggling, "see ya, Adam."

Gary ran off and Adam walked towards his room. The hallway was still empty besides someone who had just appeared and promptly walked into their room. Adam pulled his key out and unlocked his door. He crawled back inside, closed and locked the door, and fell into bed. 

He just wanted to sleep for the rest of the day, and he did.

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